Art Loans

The intent of this program is to protect the following Art Work
  • Art which is permanently at UWM
  • Art owned by UWM which is on exhibit off campus
  • Art which is not owned by UWM and is not permanently on campus such as traveling exhibits
  • Art which is shipped from UWM while in transit to another exhibit site
  • Union Art Loans

Please note coverage is generally not available for art which is being shipped to UWM, however, special circumstances may warrant review by the Risk Manager. Because unusual circumstances may preclude coverage, faculty or staff should not offer assurances of coverage at or before the time of a loss, but rather, contact Risk Management if clarification is needed. Department personnel and curators should follow the procedures described. Please note, a $1000 deductible will apply to all campus owned artwork losses. A $2500 deductible applies for art stolen without evidence of forced entry or removal of the object (eg. cut cables, broken locks, or pry marks).

The department sponsoring the exhibit is responsible for reporting any losses to Risk Management via the art loss form and the sponsoring department will be expected to pay the deductible.

Permanent UWM Art Property

Art objects that are a permanent part of campus property are insured by listing them on the campus’ annual inventory, a listing maintained by Risk Management at their appraised, acquisition, or donation value. To assure adequacy of coverage, items worth over $10,000 should be appraised upon acquisition. New items to campus should be reported to Risk Management prior to their arrival on campus.

Owned artwork to be exhibited off-campus

Please submit written request for coverage to the Risk Manager prior to an off-campus exhibit utilizing the Removal of Property and Extended Coverage Request form.

Art exhibits non-owned and non-permanent to UWM

The Art Exhibit Protection Form must be completed by the artist, exhibitor, and department chairperson prior to the exhibit and submitted to the Risk Management office.  Note: Any exhibit valued at more than $100,000 in total or individual piece valued at more than $10,000 must be submitted to Risk Management no less than 3 working days in advance of arrival on campus.

It is important to establish criteria for the valuation of non-owned art work prior to its shipment to campus. The following information should be discussed with the appropriate personnel prior to an exhibition in order to avoid disagreements once a loss occurs.

1. An appraisal is requested for any artwork which is valued greater that $10,000.

2. Professional artists and art collectors are expected to furnish proof of previous sales of similar works, or appraisals in order to document the value of a loss.

3. Non-professional artists or art students will be asked to furnish receipts or evidence of previous sales, proof of the cost of time and materials, photographs of the artwork, appraisals of remaining works, etc. to substantiate the value of their artwork at the time of loss. Losses will be negotiated between the State, System, and campus risk management, and the student. Experience has revealed that claims from non-professionals have been difficult to adjust due to the lack of market price evidence.

Art work being shipped from UWM

Risk Management is to be notified of all art shipments made by the campus. Reports must be kept on file in the Risk Management office. The artwork should be packed by only qualified personnel and shipped by proper carriers.

Exhibits sent from campus valued greater than $50,000 must be reported to the Bureau of State Risk Management.  See the Shipment of Property page for instructions as well as an online form for your use in scheduling items in transit. Once the form is sent, the items will be scheduled for insurance through the State.