Use of Personal Vehicle on University Business

Any employee driving on University business needs to be “authorized to drive.” (i.e. an approved Driver’s Authorization form needs to be on file in the Risk Management office).  VUA Sign-up Portal

Damages to an employee’s personal vehicle are covered by his/her own auto insurance. Under no circumstances will the State’s property program pay for an employee’s vehicle repairs. It is the employee’s responsibility to carry personal auto insurance with recommended limits of at least $100,000/$300,000/$50,000.

The employee’s personal auto liability insurance also provides primary coverage for medical expenses incurred by other parties involved in an employee’s at-fault accident, and primary coverage for repairs to other vehicles or property involved in an accident caused by the employee. The State liability program only provides coverage for amounts in excess of the employee’s auto liability insurance if the state employee was negligent and was within the scope of employment when the accident occurred.

In many cases, auto insurance policies contain “business use” exclusion clauses and do not provide coverage if you are driving your personal vehicle on work-related business. It is the responsibility of each employee to contact his or her insurance agent to determine if “business use” coverage is necessary before driving their own vehicles for business purposes.

To be reimbursed for mileage while driving your personal vehicle on official business, you are required to have an approved driver’s authorization form on file.  VUA Sign-up Portal