Application Procedures for the Clinical Psychology Ph.D. Program

Admissions and Interviews

Applications to the Clinical Ph.D. Program are due on December 1. If you are interested in the program and have questions, you should contact faculty whose work looks like the best match for you, or contact the UWM Psychology Department at Typically, applications will be reviewed in late December to early January and about 25 – 30 applicants will be invited for the on-site interview day, which is tentatively scheduled for January 24, 2020. Due to the large volume of applications received, we are not able to interview all applicants or to schedule interviews before that time. Following our evaluation, applicants who are no longer being considered will be notified as soon as possible. However, we maintain a secondary list of another 20 to 25 applicants who remain under consideration in case we determine that additional applicants should be interviewed. These applicants will be notified once our final acceptances have been received and they are no longer in consideration.

In the review of applications, the Clinical Psychology Admissions Committee considers your experiences and potential by reviewing all aspects of your application. We pay particular attention to the match between student and faculty research mentor interests and program philosophy. Therefore, research experience, clinical experience, personal statement and letters of recommendation are critical components in admissions decisions. We do consider GRE performance and GPA, but only in the context of your full portfolio of experiences, accomplishments, and interests. We do not have formal cut scores for GRE or GPA. We value diverse backgrounds and experience with diverse populations Click on the following link to view statistics about our incoming classes from the last five years. Student Admissions, Outcomes, and Other Data. (pdf 372kb).

Applying to the Program

To apply to the UWM Clinical Psychology Ph.D. program, please follow the link below to read the Departmental Graduate Admissions brochure and to access the online application system.

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