Summer Newsletter

Just getting back to campus and to  Perhaps you’ve not seen our Summer Newsletter!  Click here to see what our faculty and students are up to, and contact us if you’d like to share your news with us for … Continue Reading »

Welcome, Patrick Kraft!

The Department of Political Science is pleased to welcome Patrick Kraft (PhD SUNY-Stony Brook) as Assistant Professor of Political Science this fall!  Professor Kraft currently teaching our graduate seminars on political methodology.  Our undergraduates should look forward to a course … Continue Reading »

Political Science Students @ SCOTUS

Five political science majors headed to D.C. in April, on their own time/dime, to view oral arguments at the United States Supreme Court in Trinity Lutheran v. Comer.  (See for details on the case.)  Four of the five were … Continue Reading »

In voting, demographics matter more than ever

Thomas Holbrook has been studying presidential campaigns and voter behavior for more that 25 years. His forthcoming book, Altered States: Changing Populations, Changing Parties, and the Transformation of the American Political Landscape (Oxford University Press), looks at how voting patterns have changed from state to state. … Continue Reading »