The Political Science Department is committed to undergraduate teaching and offers a challenging major through which students can study a variety of interesting topics in political science, including:

  • American politics,
  • comparative politics,
  • political theory, and
  • international relations.

The major is designed to help students develop strong writing, analytical, and communications skills and offers students substantial flexibility in choosing their particular courses of study. Undergraduates benefit from the resources of its nationally recognized faculty and strong graduate programs. In addition the department offers opportunities for undergraduate students to participate in research projects and internship programs. Personalized advising is provided to each major from faculty members who are specialists in the student’s field of interest.

Law Studies

Students interested in the law may select the Law Studies Option within the Political Science major. Students considering careers in law—and any other interested students—are invited to participate in UWM’s nationally recognized Mock Trial, Moot Court, and Mediation Programs.


The Department supports several internships for eligible majors—both locally and in Washington D.C.—providing them with opportunities to learn first-hand about government while earning course credit.

United Nations Summer Seminar

Political science majors can also participate in the United Nations Summer Seminar. This is a yearly five-week program in New York City held each June. See the attached UN-Program Brochure (pdf). For the 2024 Program, see this information flier (pdf) and the contact information inside.


The political science program is closely coordinated with certificate programs in…

The Department awards honors to its majors for outstanding academic work. In addition, the Department participates in the UWM Honors Program. Each year the Department also offers a merit scholarship in the memory of one of its outstanding members, Dr. Wilder Crane. Political Science majors are encouraged to participate in Pi Sigma Alpha, the national political science honors society.

The Department also offers a minor through which students who are majoring in other fields can participate in order to learn more about political science.