Declare Your Minor

Students wishing to declare a political science minor may do so in one of two ways (STAY TUNED for an easier online option, much like the Major Declaration, SOON (we hope!)):

In Person with an Advisor

  1. Obtain an unofficial transcript from Enrollment Services (MEL 274) or print one from your PAWS account.
  2. Fill out the “Declaration of Minor” form, which can be found in Bolton 614.
  3. Schedule a meeting with one of the political science advisors (see Undergraduate Advising to email or call to schedule an appointment).
  4. Meet with an advisor, determine your course plan, and declare your minor.


Students may also declare a Political Science minor via e-mail.

  1. Complete the Minor Declaration form and e-mail it to
  2. You will receive an email reply from the Director of Undergraduate Studies (Professor Ascher, confirming your declaration and providing you with advising as to which requirements for the minor that you’ve met and which you still need to meet.
  3. Pending sufficient credits, Professor Ascher will file the declaration form on your behalf with the College of Letters and Sciences. Please allow three to four weeks for processing online declaration requests. At that time, the minor should appear on your PAWS account.

NOTE: Students who have opted to restrict the release of their directory information at UWM should not utilize the online process for declaring majors or minors.