U.N. Summer Seminar

Program Structure

Since 1966, students from all UW System campuses and other universities have participated in this five-week, six-credit program at United Nations Headquarters in breathtaking Manhattan. The four weeks in New York include special access to U.N. facilities and intensive interaction with over 35 experts representing governments and international organizations.

Meetings with our group of students are held at either the diplomatic missions of U.N. member countries or at the U.N. Each talk is followed by a question-and-answer period, in which student interests direct discussion.

Country meetings are held with traditional and emerging great powers, states involved in military conflicts, and a broad sample of others drawn from all of the major world regions. U.N. organization meetings cover major issues such as peacekeeping missions, international terrorism, economic development, and environmental conservation.

To apply, visit the Center for International Education’s Online Application.

Understanding the U.N.

The program investigates the fundamental issues about international organizations. How do they work? What impacts do they have? How do regimes and governments ruling the member countries use international organizations to pursue their goals? What is the influence of regional and global alliances and power relationships?

We describe the institutional and coalitional structure of the United Nations. We then analyze the most important areas of U.N. activity: war, conflict resolution, terrorism, weapons of mass destruction, human rights, and economic development.

The program’s first week at UW-Milwaukee provides an intensive academic introduction to these issues.

The first three weeks in New York are spent in more detailed discussions with real-world practitioners, diplomats and U.N. organization officers. Students write research papers on topics of their choice. The last week in New York is left open for student research, using interviews and local research sources.

Program Dates

The program lasts five weeks beginning around Memorial Day, mostly in June; dates vary slightly each year.

Application Deadline: March 1, 2024
Application Available: October 1, 2023

University Credits

Six credits total:
Pol Sci 337 – International Organization and the United Nations, 3 credits
Pol Sci 338 – Contemporary Problems in International Relations, 3 credits

Program Costs and Requirements

Include regular university fees for six course credits, plus a program fee that covers student housing in New York and other program costs. Students must arrange their own housing during the Milwaukee portion, and pay for transportation to and from New York. Financial aid may be used by qualifying students to cover program costs.

A minimum 2.5 GPA is required to join the program. The program is open to all undergraduates.

More Information

Take a look at the United Nations Program Brochure. For the 2024 Program, see the United Nations Summer Seminar Flier.

For questions regarding applications, program arrangements, and financial aid:

Sharon Gosz
Center for International Education

For questions about program activities and academic content:

Professor Shale Horowitz
Department of Political Science