Syllabi for Current Courses

Fall 2020
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Course Title



103 Introduction to Political Science ONLINE Park
104 Introduction to American Government and Politics ONLINE Dolan
105 State Politics ONLINE Mini 6G Holbrook
106 Politics of the World’s Nations ONLINE K. Horowitz
175 Introduction to International Relations ONLINE Heo
203 Introduction to Political Science Research TR 9:30 – 10:45a OL Redd
213 Urban Government and Politics ONLINE Mini 6J Shah
215 Ethnicity, Religion, and Race in American Politics ONLINE Shah
250 Law and Society MW 2-3:15 ONLINE Pashak
328 The Arab-Israeli Conflict (See Jewish Studies) MW 11-12:15p OL Brusin
330 Politics of International Economic Relations ONLINE S. Horowitz
335 Comparative Political Systems ONLINE Park
340 Politics of Nuclear Weapons ONLINE Redd
359 Problems of American Foreign Policy ONLINE K. Horowitz
361 History of International Political Thought ONLINE K. Horowitz
370 International Conflict ONLINE Heo
377 Elections in the Modern World TR 2-3:15p Reuter
380 Honors Seminar:  Tocqueville to Trump: Democracy in America Today TR 12:30-1:45p OL Ascher
382 Modern Political Thought TR 2-3:15p ONLINE Mikriukova
411 Constitutional Law:  Government Powers and Federalism ONLINE Olsen
467 Elections and Voting Behavior TR 11-12:15p OL Holbrook