Scholarships and Awards

For more information about scholarships and awards available specifically to Political Science majors, please contact your faculty advisor in Political Science in the Political Science main office.

The scholarship process for all students and all scholarships begins with UWM’s Scholarship Portal. You will need to create a general profile and upload a copy of your most recent transcript. If you previously created a general profile and uploaded a transcript, you should update your profile with any new information and upload a newer version of your transcript that has your most recent grades on it.

Many scholarships require no additional application beyond this general scholarship application and uploaded transcript; students are automatically reviewed for these types of scholarships.

You may also see scholarships on your Scholarship Portal dashboard that you can “Apply To.” These are scholarships which do require additional information beyond the general application and uploaded transcript.

Descriptions for each scholarship can be found below.

Michael C. LeMay Political Science Scholarship

The Michael C. LeMay Political Science Scholarship is funded by the generous gifts of Dr. Michael C. LeMay, a UWM political science alumnus. This scholarship is awarded to a declared major and/or a graduate student in Political Science with a minimum 3.25 GPA who will be enrolled in the 2020-21 school year full time. Students graduating in May or August 2020 are not eligible.

This scholarship is not currently open for applications.

POL SCI @ UWM is proud of its past LeMay Scholars!  And grateful to the LeMay family for its generosity.
  • 2017 Mayya Pechenova
  • 2018 Breeha Shah
  • 2019 Elizabeth Papandria
  • 2020 Emily Kern

Wilder Crane Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship is given to a student with demonstrated high academic achievement engaged in (or planning to engage in) graduate studies in political science.

This scholarship is not currently open for applications.

POL SCI @ UWM is proud of its past Wilder Crane Scholars!  
  • 2012 Jamie Pfeiffer
  • 2013 Walter Wenzel
  • 2014 Colleen Cullen
  • 2015 Amanda Heideman
  • 2016 Steven Van de Laarschot
  • 2020 Yunus Orhan

Helen A. Berry Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship provides financial assistance to students with demonstrated financial need who participate in the Washington Center Internship Program. This D.C. experience includes coursework and hands-on experience for students interested in government, business or nonprofit careers. Internship sites vary and are tailored to the students interest. Program fees vary from approximately $11,500 to $15,000 (including housing), and this scholarship may cover up to $7,500. Preference is given to students from historically underrepresented groups.

This scholarship is not currently open for applications.

Russell Bonfiglio Scholarship

This unique scholarship is given to a UWM alum who is admitted to, and attending his/her first semester of classes at UW-Madison Law School. The recipient will be selected based on law school admissions status, LSAT score, overall academic achievement while at UWM, letters of recommendation, and potential for service to the community.

This scholarship is not currently open for applications.