Graduate Student Association

The Political Science Graduate Student Association (PSGSA) at UWM is a political science graduate student-organized and student-run group that aims to provide advice/assistance to fellow graduate students through a variety of academic and social events. The PSGSA’s goals are:

  1. New graduate student recruitment and first-year experience: Assist the department in attracting intelligent and talented individuals to UWM by meeting with prospective students and working with the graduate director to devise recruitment strategies. PSGSA aims to alleviate the stress and awkwardness of the first-year graduate experience by providing incoming students with opportunities to become familiar with the department, UWM, and Milwaukee.
  2. Professional development: Through workshops and talks, we work with the Graduate Director and Department Chair to address academic and professional issues that graduate students face that are not incorporated into University coursework (e.g., publishing papers in journals, developing a vita, networking, etc.).
  3. Social development: Foster a social community of political science graduate students and faculty and their significant others and/or families through a range of extra-academic social events and activities.
  4. Representation: Provide a forum for graduate students to express their concerns and questions regarding departmental life, both academic and nonacademic, and to provide graduate students with representation within the political science department.


Monthly Open Member meetings: To address any and all graduate student issues, concerns and suggestions, and to plan/organize various PSGA events and programs. In addition, the executive committee will have separate meetings once a month, that take place one week prior to the open meetings to set a preliminary agenda for the open member meeting.

Professional development series: Seminars bringing together graduate students and faculty to address various professional development issues (e.g., publishing journal articles, networking and presenting at conferences, creating a strong vita, beginning a job search, writing grant proposals, preparing for prelims, etc.). Each seminar will be lead by one or more professors and will focus on a specific topic.

Brown-bag series: Held one to two times a semester where graduate students gather over the lunch hour to present papers in progress to gain experience prior to presenting at conferences. Students will also receive useful feedback and suggestions from a “panel” of peers in the audience.

Welcome BBQ: BBQ held in September where first-year and returning graduate students and their significant others and/or families have the opportunity to gather informally and welcome the first-year students to UWM.

End of the Year Picnic: Held in May to celebrate the end of the school year with graduate students and faculty and their significant others and/or families. Also will formally recognize outgoing PSGA officers for their service, welcome incoming PSGA officers, and provide the department with the opportunity to thank and recognize graduating students.

Social events and gatherings: Held at various times throughout the year, such as a holiday party, faculty/graduate student summer picnic, receptions, etc.