Law Studies Option

The Department of Political Science offers undergraduates the option of completing a Political Science major with an emphasis on Law Studies. This provides students interested in law and courts with the opportunity to focus some of their coursework in the major on law-related courses including Law & Society, Constitutional Law, and Judicial Behavior. The Law Studies Option (LSO) is particularly appealing to students considering law school after graduation.

The LSO is to be completed in conjunction with the Political Science major, and all requirements for the major need to be completed in addition to the LSO requirements. Where relevant, students can count courses taken for the LSO toward the requirements for the political science major.

Students meeting the grade point requirements might also wish to be considered for departmental high honors. If a student wishes to be considered for departmental high honors, s/he should request that the faculty member supervising her/his substantial research paper nominate her/him for high honors. The supervising faculty member then will decide if the student should be recommended to the high honors committee, which is composed of three political science faculty members. The committee will determine if the quality of the nominee’s paper is sufficient to earn the high honors designation and, if so, will bestow the high honors accordingly. Do note that any student interested in receiving high honors needs to contact a Political Science faculty member to be considered; these high honors are not bestowed automatically.​​

Note: Students applying for and entering the major before Fall 2004 may use the old version of the high honors designation which reads as follows in pertinent part: “Departmental high honors are awarded to students who meet the GPA requirement for honors and also write a satisfactory senior paper under the supervision of a department faculty member or earn a grade of B or better in an approved departmental seminar taken during the senior year.”

Questions about any of the above honors designations can be directed to any of the Political Science faculty advisors.