New Course in Cyberpolitics Offered this Spring!

Looking for something timely and new? How about spending a semester thinking about and learning about cyberpolitics! Course details below. Have questions? Email Professor Beck!

Cyberpolitics – POL SCI 398
Section 001, Class # 48974
TR 2:30pm – 3:45pm

Cyberpolitics will explore some of the most critical questions of our time. What is the nature of the contemporary cyber world? What is “Generative Artificial Intelligence” and how might be used for nefarious political purposes? How does cyberpower operate in foreign affairs, including in conventional warfare and nuclear strategy? How do large corporations, cyber arms companies, authoritarian regimes, and cyberterrorists seek to resist or control cyberspace? How has global governance sought to engage issues of privacy, cybercrime, and openness in cyberspace? How do existing international legal rules on sovereignty and the use of force address our cyber world?

Students will be introduced to “Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI)” and will be given opportunities to use that revolutionary technology both in the classroom and for a course assignment.

The course will feature guest lectures by very distinguished authorities, including a Chief Information Security Officer, an expert in cyberwarfare who teaches at West Point, and a professor of international law from Georgetown University.

The instructor is particularly qualified to offer this course. A member of UWM’s Political Science faculty, Professor Beck served for nine years, through January of 2023, as UWM’s Chief Information Officer, where he was responsible for the security, stability, and innovation of all our university’s key IT systems and infrastructure.

A graphic notice of Cyberpolitics, offered Tuesdays and Thursdays, 2:30 - 3:45pm in Spring 2024, suggesting students enroll now!