Political Science Welcomes Visiting Assistant Professor Kyle McWagner

The Department of Political Science is excited to welcome Dr. Kyle McWagner (PhD UC-Irvine), Visiting Assistant Professor. Dr. McWagner will be primarily teaching our political science methodology courses, but is also offering a graduate seminar in the fall on his area of expertise: POL SCI 711: Religion & American Politics. (See the attached image for a description of the course or email Dr. McWager at mcwagnek@uwm.edu for details.)

Graduate students from around the university are welcome to register, and advanced undergraduates with a strong interest and a taste for a challenge are welcome as well!

Dr. McWagner and his family have just recently arrived in Milwaukee (after a very long cross-country adventure!) and are enjoying the rest of this midwest summer.  He’s excited to dive in, and we’re so happy to have him.

Welcome, Kyle! (More information on Kyle can be found under People on our webpage.).

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New Course!

Pol Sci 711: Religion & American Politics

(Advanced Undergrads Welcome)

Fall 2023, Thursdays, 4:30–7:10pm

In this course, we will examine the role that religion plays in American politics and the way individuals navigate their political and religious identities. We will do this primarily by exploring the explosion of literature in the past five years that challenges our traditional assumptions about the role of religion in politics and politics in religion. Additionally, we will explore both how America has struggled with religious contradictions embedded in its founding and the role that religion will play in American politics moving forward.