Supporting International Students in Your Classroom

The English Language Academy has compiled a list of resources below to assist you in working with ELLs. ELLs will have different linguistic and academic needs than domestic, native speakers of English in your classes. We want to ensure that you have the tools and resources that you need to provide international students a quality education in your classroom.

  1. Working with Multilingual Writers
    • Purdue Writing Lab has created a Faculty Guide offering strategies for how those working with multilingual writers can read, assess, and provide feedback on the work of multilingual student writers.
  2.  How Can I Support ELLS in my Classroom? 
    • This blog post from the PennState College of Education can give an overview of how an instructor can be aware of their classroom culture and setup. Giving tips on how to prepare an environment that will support the education of English Language Learners.
  3. Empathy and Inclusion for ELL Students
    • The Edutopia article discusses ways teachers can practice empathy and acknowledge the student as an individual in the classroom. Directed at teachers in a more elementary or high school setting, but some suggestions are good to practice all the time.
  4. Creating an Inclusive Classroom for ESL Students
    • This article from Texas A&M International University goes a bit in depth about some tips for instructors having an inclusive classroom.
  5. Writing Across Borders (Film 2018)
    • “Writing Across Borders is a 3-year documentary project funded by Oregon State University’s Center for Writing and Learning (now simply known as the Writing Center) and its Writing Intensive Curriculum Program. The documentary’s purpose is to help faculty, writing assistants, and other professionals work more productively with international students in writing environments.” (Excerpt taken from website) At the bottom of the page is a link to watching the film on YouTube in parts.
  6.  How to Teach Writing through Bad Writing
    • FluentU is a popular blogsite and learning resource for language learners. Linked here is an article for teachers (specifically directed to English Language teachers) on how to approach ELL writing correction and teaching.
  7. Cultural Challenges and Recommendations for Working with ELLS
    • This article from SAGE 2YC discusses intercultural communication in the classroom. There are differences in how a student’s cultural and social expectations might be present in the classroom. Check out this article for recommendations on dealing with cultural expectations in the classroom.
  8. Moving Towards Cultural Responsiveness
    • This 8-page teacher guide can be a quick reference for developing and encouraging cultural competence in the classroom.
  9. Written Corrective Feedback: Steps for Classroom Teachers and Practitioners (7-page scholarly article) 
  10. An ESL Instructor’s Guidebook for Reducing Test Anxiety at the Community College Level Through Exploring Alternatives in Assessment (It’s a thesis, but pages 27 to 59 outline a detailed class plan) 
  11. UWM Campus Support 


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