Welcome English Language Academy Students !

Welcome to All Students 

Hello everyone! Welcome to the Spring 2021 semester from the UWM English Language Academy. We are all excited to see familiar faces and plenty of new faces this semester. You all are awesome for working through the tough academic time that we are going through right now. UWM ELA hopes to provide you with a fun and academic experience regarding your goals in English language learning.  

Stay Connected 

With how lonely quarantines or stay at home orders are, the ELA office is working even harder to keep students updated and connected with events following COVID guidelines. Many events are being done virtually and a lot of information is just online nowadays. Stay connected to ELA on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and here on the blog for information that can get you out to meet new students and experience life in the US.  

Instagram: uwm_ela 

Twitter: @UWMELA 

Facebook: UWM English Language Academy 

COVID Information 

Since ELA is conducting courses in person, we want to stress to students to stay safe and healthy during this semester. Do read the emails sent by the Office of the Chancellor or the ones with the Weekly newsletters for updates. If you are living in the dorms make sure you are doing your part with testing and being healthy. The same goes for our students who are living off campus.  

UWM maintains a COVID Information Webpage for students and staff to get up-to-date information on how UWM is handling the current global health situation. You can find the link here  

Enjoy your semester and do stay connected with ELA and other students. ELA is working hard to find or create events for students to participate in to get a full academic experience while studying at UWM.