“Meaning of Work” Study

As a staff or faculty member of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee community, you are invited to participate in a focus group study that is exploring the meaning of work. 

Previous UWM research suggested that meaningful work helped to reduce the stress of the pandemic and promote personal well-being. We would like to better understand this finding through focus group discussions, with the aim of informing policies, practices, and programs on campus and beyond. 

The focus groups will take place on campus, at various times and days to accommodate different schedules, and food will be served at each focus group event.  

All focus group discussions will be held in strict confidence, and we, the study staff, will collect no participants’ names. We will digitally record the focus group session but destroy the recording after transcription. We seek a diversity of perspectives and welcome staff and faculty from all units, backgrounds, and professions. 

We will be enrolling participants into the study on a first come first serve basis, so if you are interested in participating in this voluntary study, please do let us know as soon as you can. Due to limited resources, we can only conduct a limited number of focus groups.  

If interested in participating, please contact Jessica Wener at:  jwener@uwm.edu.  Please respond no later than April 15, 2023. 

If you know of others that might be interested in participating, please forward this message to them.

Thank you. 

Adam Jussel, J.D.
Dean of Students
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Student Union 345
jussel@uwm.edu | 414-229-4632; Teams #: 414-251-8189  | uwm.edu/deanofstudents