UWM Length of Service Ceremony

UW-Milwaukee will be honoring faculty and staff for their length of service to the university on February 14, 2023. CLACS celebrates the accomplishments of our staff and affiliated faculty:

5 years

Aimee Orndorf

10 years

Maria Soledad Gillespie
Department of Dance

Allison Libbey
Spanish and Portuguese

John Reuter
Department of Political Science

Alvaro Saar Rios
Department of Theatre

Bill Wood
Department of Anthropology

15 years

Nancy Bird-Soto
Spanish & Portuguese

Brenda Cárdenas
Department of English

Gerlinde Höbel
Department of Biological Sciences

Soohoo Song
Department of Foreign Languages and Literature

Natasha Borges Sugiyama
Department of Political Science
CLACS Director

Kirk Tyvela
College of General Studies UWM-Washington County

20 years

Gilberto Blasini
Department of English

Loren Galvão
College of Nursing

Kristin Pitt
Department of French, Italian and Comparative Literature

25 years

Javier Tapia
Department of Educational Policy & Community Studies

30 years

Anne Dressel
College of Nursing

John Isbell
Department of Geosciences