Reproductive Violence and Justice

Communities in Latin America, the Caribbean, and Latinxs in the US have a variety of ways they fight for access to reproductive rights. In the US, we’re facing our own issues with Roe V. Wade’s ruling coming under scrutiny. In Brazil, underground activists have networks to support reproductive rights. NACLA has an article about the vigilante at-home abortion networks dedicated to helping Brazilian women, found hereThe Guttmacher Institute has fact sheets on reproductive rights in the Caribbean and other Latin American regions, found hereAmerica, the Jesuit Review has a piece entitled The Catholic Church in Latin America is losing control of the pro-life movement. Can it win it back? that provides another perspective on the situation within Latin America.

Locally, Planned Parenthood has a Spanish-language program called CCmáS designed to help teach Spanish-speaking communities in the US about their reproductive rights and enabling families to become their own advocates. University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Associate Professor Rachel Bloom-Pojar has an article written with Maria Barker of Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin called “The Role of Confianza in Community-Engaged Work for Reproductive Justice” which can be found here. Bloom-Pojar has also done work with the Promotores de Salud program, training members of the Latinx community to provide culturally competent care to their own communities about “sexuality topics ranging from puberty and reproduction to contraception and sexually transmitted infection (STI) prevention to reproductive cancers.” Find that site here.