Recent Latin American and Caribbean Politics

This week was a big one for politics in Latin America and the Caribbean. In Barbados, Queen Elizabeth II was removed as the head of state after over 400 years of the island being ruled by the British Monarchy. Sandra Mason, the Queen’s own former representative, was sworn in as the first president of the new republic. World101 from the Council on Foreign Relations has a teaching resource called Building Blocks, about “how nationalism, self-determination, and sovereignty shape the world we live in.” Find that here. 
 In Honduras, the nation’s first female president was electedXiomara Castro was the leftist opposition from the Libertad y Refundación party, and her election comes after controversy in Honduran election processes, most recently in 2017. Foreign Policy has a piece written right before the election speculating on what the results may mean for migration, found hereHuman Rights Watch has a profile on 2020 in Honduras to give context to events leading up to this year and this election. Find that here