Media Collection Lending Policies and User’s Agreement Form

Materials available to educators in Wisconsin and adjoining states.

Request Policy

Borrowers may request up to five items at a time. Exceptions include written requests covering the academic semester or year, and video series which include more than five tapes.

Materials may be requested by letter, by calling the media collection line at (414) 229-5986, or by email at: Because the media librarian works limited hours, we are unable to accommodate walk-in borrowers, unless the individual only wishes to place an order (for pick-up at a later time) or to pick up an order placed previously. Also, because of limited staffing, we cannot immediately confirm the availability of any item.

Orders that will be mailed must be placed at least two weeks before the requested show date. Orders that are going to be picked up and dropped off on campus need one week for processing. All orders will receive a confirmation. Due to the popularity of certain items in the collection, we cannot guarantee that all requested materials will be available on the requested dates. You are encouraged to submit requests as far in advance as possible. (Flexibility on show dates or providing alternative dates is also very welcome.)

Before borrowing, you must fill out and mail or fax back our User’s Agreement Form, pdf – 20k and familiarize yourself with our Request Policy and Free Loan Policy.

Free Loan Policy

All materials are available for a one-week loan period and will be sent via UPS. (We try to mail items one week before the requested show date.) Borrowers are responsible only for return postage.

The due date of the materials will be written on a card attached to or included with the materials. Materials not received by the due date will be considered late. We reserve the right to suspend borrowing privileges if materials are consistently returned late. Please be considerate of others and return materials on time.

(***Note to UW-Milwaukee Faculty: Please do not send students to borrow material if they have missed the presentation in class. We are unable to accommodate such requests.)


We include an evaluation form with every item. These evaluations are important to us, in terms of knowing about damage, determining collection additions, as well as deleting old and obsolete materials from the collection. Please take the time to give us your opinions.

Return Policy

Materials must be returned either by UPS or by First Class mail. Be sure that all parts of a multiple-piece set (i.e. filmstrips, cassettes, study guides) are accounted for prior to sending. Rewind videos before return. Please mail materials at least three (3) working days prior to the due date. Proper addressing is crucial to our collection. The correct addresses are below:

UPS Shipping Address:
Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
NWQ Building B, Room 2479
2025 E. Newport Ave.
Milwaukee, WI 53211

First Class Mail Address:
Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies
University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee
P.O. Box 413
Milwaukee, WI 53201


We suggest that feature films, particularly those for which ratings are not given, be viewed by teachers before they are used in the classroom. Some may contain adult scenes.

Copyright Policy

In compliance with copyright law, reproduction of materials is prohibited. All items in this catalog are intended for educational classroom use only. The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction provides useful information on their web page titled “Performance Rights for Copyrighted Recordings.” NOTE: URL FOR WEBPAGE IS DEAD

Replacement Policy

The borrower is considered responsible for the item from the time it is received until the time it is placed in the mail for return. Please verify upon receipt (by checking the catalog) that all items and their component parts are received. If any materials arrive broken or damaged, become damaged or lost during use, or fail to arrive, please notify the Center immediately. Due to the costs of maintaining such a collection, it may become necessary to charge for lost or damaged items.