Caribbean-American Heritage Month and LGBTQ+ Pride Month

In the United States, the month of June is known as both Pride month and Caribbean-American Heritage month. This week, we are offering resources related to LGBTQ+ Caribbean communities.​  Angelique V. Nixon is a queer Afro-Caribbean scholar-activist who does work on diverse genders and sexualities in the Caribbean. She has a variety of resources on her website, including poetry and scholarship. Rosamond S. King is an author and artist whose work is deeply informed by her cultures and communities (including African, Caribbean, American, and queer). Her website has many resources as well, including information on her performance art (click each photo for more information) and academics. Additionally, the Digital Library of the Caribbean‘s International Resource Network’s digital archives has many collections of digitized documents related to LGBTQ+ life in the Caribbean, with subcollections including the Gay Freedom Movement Archives, and the Rainbow Alliance of the Bahamas.