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Social Entrepreneurship

Curriculum is focused on art and community-engagement, community cultural development, and the pursuit of social and environmental justice. Students realize this through arts activity partnerships with a variety of community institutions and grassroots organizations, such as Beintween, Casa Romero, Flourish Fest, the Jewish Home Center, and Neu-Life.

Through connecting studio coursework with UWM’s Cultures and Communities program, students receive the tools to create their own personal and collaborative community art projects. These projects are designed to allow students to participate as agents of change through their art.

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Curriculum below is approved for students currently enrolled in the respective program, depending upon original date of declaration. Future adjustments for new/incoming students will be posted by Fall Semester. After reviewing, please connect with our advising office to start planning your degree path today!

Bachelor of Arts (BA) - Community Arts

In addition to the curriculum below, the BA in Community Arts requires students to complete 15 credits in Cultures and Communities courses as well as 15-20 hours of community engagement through a Service Learning experience. More info at cc-info@uwm.edu or (414) 229-6327.

University Core 45 Credits
Competencies (more info)  
English Parts A & B *
Math Parts A & B *
Foreign Language *
General Education Requirements (more info)
Humanities – Art History 101 & 102 6
Social Science 6
Natural Science (1 course with lab) 6
Cultural Diversity *
Advanced Art History 6
Peck School of the Arts (3 arts areas outside department) 9
Peck School of the Arts (arts areas inside/outside department) 3
General (outside Peck School of the Arts) 9
*credit may be utilized in required curriculum areas


Degree Curriculum 75 Credits
First Year Program (2.5 Cumulative GPA)
ART 101 Drawing I 3
ART 106 Survey 3
ART 108 2D Concepts 3
ART 109 3D Concepts 3
ART 118 Digital Arts 3
Introductory Studios
(Choose from below) 6
ART 201 Drawing II
ART 212 Intro to Digital Studio
ART 221 Intro to Design
ARTED 227 Intro to Art Education
ART 231 Intro to Fibers
ART 243 Intro to Painting
ART 253 Intro to Photography
ART 261 Intro to Sculpture
ART 271 Intro to Jewelry & Metalsmithing
ART 281 Intro to Ceramics
ART 291 Intro to Print & Narrative Forms
Studio Concentration
ART 306 Intro to Community Arts 3
ART 406 Community Arts II 3
(Choose from ART 300+ studio courses in consultation with advisor; 3cr must be approved capstone course) 6
ART 309 Issues in Contemporary Art 3
ART 505 BA Project Exhibition 1
ART 509 Art & Design Seminar 3
ART 604 Professional Practices 3
(Choose courses from Peck School of the Arts or the University) 32

Minor - Community Arts

Overview: The minor in Community Arts requires a total of 18 credits, 9 of the final 12 taken must be in residence at UWM. Students must also maintain a 2.5 GPA or higher and work closely with an advisor when selecting courses.

For questions, or to declare a minor, contact the Peck School of the Arts Advising Office at (414) 229-4763 or psoa-advising@uwm.edu

Degree Curriculum 18 Credits
ART 101 Drawing I 3
ART 150 Multicultural America (if previously taken in another department, substitute Art & Design course) 3
ART 306 Intro to Community Arts 3
ART 309 Issues in Contemporary Art 3
Minor Track
(Choose from below) 3
ART 108 2D Concepts
ART 109 3D Concepts
ART 118 Digital Arts
Studio Electives
(Choose from below) 3
ART 212 Intro to Digital Studio Practice
ART 221 Intro to Design
ART 231 Intro to Fibers
ART 243 Intro to Painting
ART 253 Intro to Photography
ART 261 Intro to Sculpture
ART 271 Intro to Jewelry & Metalsmithing
ART 277 Design for Digital Fabrication
ART 278 Intro to Industrial Craft
ART 281 Intro to Ceramics
ART 291 Intro to Print & Narrative Forms

Certificate - Community Arts

Overview: The certificate in Community Arts requires a total of 18 credits, 9 of the final 12 taken must be in residence at UWM. Students must also maintain a 2.5 GPA or higher and work closely with an advisor when selecting courses.

Degree Curriculum 18 Credits
Introductory Course
(Choose from below) 3
ART 101 Drawing I
ART 108 2D Concepts
ART 109 3D Concepts
ART 118 Digital Arts: Culture, Theory, Practice
ARTED 130 Multicultural Art & Visual Learning in Elementary Ed
XXX 150 (ART 150 Multicultural America recommended) 3
ART 306 Intro to Community Arts 3
ART 309 Issues in Contemporary Art 3
ART 406 Community Arts II 3
ART 309 (with change in topic) or ART 509 Seminar 3


Profile Picture

Erin Whitney

BA, Community Arts | 2017

To Whitney, the residency is about much more than just planning activities for residents. It’s about building intergenerational friendships she wouldn’t otherwise.


Art Museums & Galleries
Exhibit Design/Preparation
Exhibiting Artist
Public Relations
Travel/Tour Guides
Visiting Artist

Art Sales
Art Agent/Consultant
Art Dealer
Art Manufacturer Sales
Art Sales
Corporate Curator

Design & Visual Communication
Digital Photo Editor
Graphic Designer
Multimedia Design
Product Design
Web Design

Arts Administration
Art Councils
Art Libraries
Community Centers
Public & Private Schools
Public Policy

Art Criticism
Art Journalism


Dedicated Community Arts Faculty

profile photoRaoul Deal(414) 229-1154rgdeal@uwm.eduHolton G24

Senior Lecturer, Community Arts

Art & Design Faculty & Staff