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Art Activism

Community Arts curriculum is focused on art and community-engagement, community cultural development, and the pursuit of social and environmental justice by highlighting art practices that integrate collaborative processes, social cooperation and service-learning experiences. Students realize this through arts activity partnerships with a variety of community institutions and grassroots organizations, such as Beintween, Casa Romero, Flourish Fest, the Jewish Home Center, and Neu-Life.

Through connecting coursework with UWM’s Cultures and Communities program, students receive the tools to create their own personal and collaborative community art projects. These projects are designed to allow students to participate as agents of change through their art. As a result, students will be prepared to work as artists in grassroots organizations, community institutions, non-profit arts organizations, and educational institutions.

Bachelor of Arts

The Bachelor of Arts degree offers students a studio art experience to complement a broad exposure to the humanities, fine arts, social sciences, and natural sciences. The program is geared towards students interested in social engagement, environmental issues, community building, public art, and placemaking.

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Undergraduate Certificate

The Certificate in Community Arts is open to all students seeking a Bachelor’s degree from UWM, to students who previously received a Bachelor’s degree from UWM or any other accredited college or university, and to people who do not plan to pursue a college or university degree (non-degree students), but who have a strong interest in this subject area. The certificate program is designed to give students an opportunity to explore art in community settings and is geared towards those interested in social engagement, environmental issues, community building, public art, and placemaking.

Interested students should connect with the program coordinator as soon as they decide to pursue the Community Arts Certificate. The coordinator’s function is to help the student design a program of study from among the available courses and to guide the student in completing that program in sequence.

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Explore – Specific degree information can be found in the UWM Academic Catalog along with credits, courses, admission and program requirements.

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Art, BA: Community Arts

Community Arts, Undergraduate Certificate


Profile Picture

Erin Whitney

BA, Community Arts | 2017

To Whitney, the residency is about much more than just planning activities for residents. It’s about building intergenerational friendships she wouldn’t otherwise.

Careers in Art & Design

3D Animator/Modeler
Advertising Director
App Developer
Arts Administration
Art Critic/Writer
Art Dealer
Art Director
Art Education Teacher (K-12)
Art Gallery Owner
Art Historian
Art Therapist
Artisan Solutionist
Artist In Residence
Artists’ Agent
Augmented Reality
Caricature Artist
Collage Artist
Commercial Artist
Community Artist
Community Arts Organizer
Costume Designer
Creative Arts Officer/Director
Creative Services Manager
Cultural Relations
Design Manager
Digital Portrait Artist
Director Of Education & Community Engagement
Display Designer
Education Program Coordinator
Elementary/Secondary School Teacher
Exhibit Designer
Fashion Designer
Fine Artist
Fine Arts Director
Floral Designer
Font Designer
Freelance Artist
Furniture Designer/Restorer
Game Designer
Glass Sculptor
Graphic Designer
Graphic Artist
Industrial Designer
Interactive Designer
Interior Designer
Jewelry Designer/Maker
Lighting Designer
Make-Up Artist
Marketing & Sales
Mixed Media Artist
Motion Graphics Artist
Museum Director
Museum Exhibit Designer
Packaging Designer
Photo Editor/Retoucher
Photographic Stylist
Photographic Technician
Product Designer
Production Artist
Program Director/Coordinator
Prop Maker
Public Artist
Public Relations
Set Designer
Sketch Artist
Technical Designer, Apparel
Textile Designer
Toy Maker
University Administration
University Faculty
User Experience Designer
User Interface Designer
Video Game Designer
Visual Merchandiser
Visual/Special Effects Artist
Web Based Curators
Web Designer/Developer


Faculty: Community Arts

profile photoRaoul Deal(414) 229-1154rgdeal@uwm.eduHolton G24

Teaching Faculty III, Community Arts

Teaching Faculty III, Arts & Social Entrepreneurship

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