December 4, 2018

UC Chair Kris O’Connor reported that he will be attending the Board of Regents (BOR) meeting in LaCrosse later this week. The BOR will be considering the UWS proposal for a pay plan and salary increases. UC Chair O’Connor will touch base with others in UWS regarding the Program Productivity Monitoring Policy proposal. He was contacted last week by the Wisconsin State Journal regarding the response to this by UWM Faculty Senate, comments of which were included in an article published yesterday. Chair O’Connor will ask UW System President Ray Cross to attend a Faculty Senate meeting in spring. He also met with the Chancellor’s Advisory LGBTQ Task Force; they are looking for additional members.

Provost Johannes Britz attended, and reported that he will be attending the Provosts’ meeting in LaCrosse on Wednesday, and anticipates discussing the restructuring of UW-Stevens Point, and the UWS Freshwater University proposal – faculty hires, student internships, and research opportunities and the partnerships are a key part of this proposal. Many UWS campuses are involved, including UWM. He also explained the process he is using to work with the schools and colleges in reviewing their budgets, in preparation for implementation of the new budget model.

The Provost will attend the BOR meeting later this week; several new programs (doctoral program in Occupational Therapy, Masters in African Diaspora Studies) will be discussed. The Dean search for the Lubar School of Business will be wrapped up this week; the comment period ends today. The Dean search for CHS is moving along. The searches for the Dean of the College of General Studies and the Library Director will begin shortly.

Awards and Recognition Committee Chair Joe Rodriguez attended to discuss concerns regarding observations of candidates for Undergraduate Teaching Awards from UWM-Waukesha and UWM-Washington County. Like other standing committees, the committee will seek to change the charter to also include members of the new CGS division. Preference sheets for nominations to this committee will include reference that travel to other campuses is a responsibility of committee members.

UC member John Reisel reported that the Economic Benefits Committee will be meeting in December to find out more about the rationale for the Benefits survey content and structure.

UC member Bettina Arnold reported that meetings of the Provost and APBC members with academic units on implementation of the new budget model continue. The committee is concerned with confidentiality in discussion about the budget model, and has consulted with Legal for guidance on this issue.

UC member Kathy Dolan reported that the CHS Dean search is progressing. Semi-finalist candidates have been identified, with whom Zoom interviews will be conducted in the early part of January.

UC member Laura Otto-Salaj reported that the Affirmative Action in Faculty Employment Committee (AAFEC) met to discuss the results of the climate survey conducted by the committee two years ago. Results underrepresent faculty of color and LGBTQ faculty, so the committee will conduct targeted data collection to increase the information gathered from those groups. This will occur sometime in spring.

November 27, 2018

UC Chair Kris O’Connor reported that the Chancellor’s Expanded Cabinet met and discussed the rollout of the new UW System reference check hiring policy. The Chancellor reported that the Higher Education Regional Alliance (HERA) received a $500k grant to increase transferability and decrease barriers to institutional alliances. Also, there are some increases in enrollment and admission from this time last year. Applications from Illinois appear to be down from last year, perhaps due to less air time purchased by UWM for advertising in Illinois due to high advertising costs prior to the election. UC Chair O’Connor also met with the Chancellor to discuss student safety.

ASC Chair Kristin Roosevelt attended, and briefed UC that the Academic Staff Committee has been examining the workload policies of the College of General Studies and UWM main campus, and recognizes that there are different parameters involved in determining workload on the different campuses.

The revisions to UWM P&P Chapter 104 have been fully approved and will be presented to the Academic Leadership Council in December and the General Meeting of the Academic Staff held in spring.

UWM Senior Counsel Joely Urdan attended to discuss potential upcoming changes in federal and state laws and UWS policy to legal protections for complainants and accused persons under Title IX. These changes preclude making UWS Chapter 4 more restrictive in order to protect complainants.

UC member John Reisel reported that the last Lubar Dean candidate is on campus today. Also, the Economic Benefits survey has been rolled out.

UC member Kathy Dolan reported that today is the priority deadline for the Health Sciences Dean search. Semi-finalists for Zoom interviews will be determined shortly.

UC member Dev Misra reported that the SSEA survey has been finalized and will be coming out soon.

November 20, 2018

Provost Johannes Britz attended the meeting. UC discussed with the Provost a request from the chair of the Awards Committee for limited travel support for teaching observations at UWM-Waukesha and UWM-Washington County. The Northwestern Data Sciences Endowed Professor search will begin shortly, as will the search for Dean of the College of General Studies.

UC Chair Kris O’Connor reported that the Academic Staff Committee met and discussed workload differences among staff at different UWM campuses. He also met with representatives from AAUP last week.

UC member John Reisel reported that most of the candidates for Dean of the Lubar School of Business have visited campus; the last one will visit next week. He also attended the Honors College Advisory Committee meeting (680 students this year attending Honors College; 75 graduates in 2017).

UC member Bettina Arnold reported that APBC discussed changes to tuition remission for Program Assistants and Teaching Assistants in the new budget model, and implications for some schools on campus.

UC member Mark Schwartz reported that at their last meeting, the Graduate Faculty Committee discussed administrative changes in listings for UG/G sections, which should improve tracking of credits for undergraduate students who take graduate courses.

UC member Kathy Dolan reported that the CHS Dean search continues, and that there are three finalists for the position of Associate Dean of the Graduate School.

November 13, 2018

UC Chair Kris O’Connor reported that he met with APBC chair Tom Malaby to discuss confidentiality issues.

UC Chair O’Connor reported on the Faculty Representatives meeting, and a resolution drafted by the Representatives in response to the most recent draft of the Program Productivity Monitoring policy. UC discussed the resolution and agreed to forward it to the Faculty Senate for support at the meeting later this week. The rules will be suspended to consider support for this resolution as an action item. The resolution states that any changes to the curriculum should be the result of faculty input to the Chancellor of the local institution (local control). Local control should also decide thresholds for programs and for appeals. Also, should a program be put on notice, the three-year timeline currently proposed for increasing majors is too short.

Chancellor Mone attended and reported that the policy regarding the availability of alcohol at campus events –SAAP 5—has been revised. For events on campus, alcohol can now only be provided through campus services; provision of alcohol by other parties (e.g. event attendees) is no longer allowed.

Also, Chancellor Mone just returned from a meeting of the American Association for Public Land Grant Universities (APLU). The Chancellor is serving as chair of the 21st Century Workforce for Urban Serving Universities. Among the issues the Workforce is evaluating are the technological transformation of higher education, and college education costs. In this light, the Chancellor hopes to begin conversations on campus on issues such as branding and community partnerships.

Equity & Diversity Services (EDS) Director Jaime Cimpl-Weimer attended, and summarized case data handled by EDS over the past 3 years. EDS operates in the context of SAAP 47 (discriminatory conduct) and SAAP 78 (sexual violence). Once EDS receives a complaint, their investigative process is two-fold: 1) examining to see if there is a preponderance of evidence supporting the complaint; and 2) determining if the conduct violates UW system and/or UWM policies. EDS then develops a report on the complaint and refers it to the Provost. UC agreed that it would be good to have EDS present annually to the Faculty Senate.

The proposal for reorganization by UW-Stevens Point was also discussed.

November 6, 2018

UC Chair Kris O’Connor met with members of the Instructional Academic Staff Committee, regarding faculty membership of the committee. UC will work to fill openings for faculty on the committee.

Provost Johannes Britz attended, and responded to UC concerns regarding Program review by UW System. He said it is likely that combination degrees (Masters to PhD) will be considered together. Data to be used in reviewing programs will be collected by System and not by self-report.

Provost Britz is beginning to meet with leadership of each school and college regarding the new budget model and the FY2020 budget, along with at least one member of the APBC attending each meeting. Documents for how the model will work in budgeting have been developed for each school and college; these meetings will provide the opportunity for discussion of the budget model application based on the most recent data and in conjunction with information from the other schools and colleges.

UW-Madison has produced a report that is critical of the proposal regarding intellectual property ownership of UW faculty who will work with Foxconn.

Provost Britz reported on his brief trip to Taiwan. The trip was in support an agreement between UWM and CYCU, supported by Foxconn. Sixteen UWM engineering students are currently participating in the program.

The Lubar Dean search has been narrowed to four finalists. The HS Dean search is continuing. The General Studies Dean search is beginning shortly. The recent Graduate School Open House was successful.

The Male Allies workshop received good feedback.

UC member Laura Otto-Salaj reported that the Affirmative Action in Faculty Employment Committee (AAFEC) met this week, and elected Paru Shah as chair. The committee intends to examine the results of a climate survey administered in 2016 but not evaluated or addressed last year.

UC member Bettina Arnold reported that at their last meeting, the APBC discussed working with sensitive information.

UC member John Reisel urged people to attend the on-campus presentations by the finalists for the Lubar Dean search, next week. The Rules committee also met and set the agenda for the next Faculty Senate meeting.

October 30, 2018

UC Chair Kris O’Connor reported that he attended the Skype interviews of semifinalists for the position of Dean of the Lubar School of Business. He has also asked the head of the Office of Equity and Diversity Services to attend a future UC meeting.

As a result of the last Faculty Senate meeting, UC revised the draft Procedure for Distance Participation in Faculty Meetings and Faculty Senate to clarify the rationale, and elucidate the methods to determine attendance and guide voting on documents presented to the Senate. This was sent to the Codification Committee, to be voted on at a future Faculty Senate meeting.

UC reviewed a draft of the Program Productivity Monitoring Policy and will make several suggestions to the Provost: 1) The number of degrees awarded in programs that offer both a masters and PhD should be combined, as the programs should be considered as a whole, rather than separately. 2) There should be internal agreement about the number of students in programs at UWM before the information is forwarded to system. 3) For undergraduate programs, there should be a way of counting the second major of a student who is taking a double major. 4) There is need to specify the sources of data that will be used to determine the number of graduates from each program each semester. There is concern about the quality of the data being sent to UW System.

UC member John Reisel reported that as a result of work by the Lubar Dean Search and Screen Committee, semi-finalist candidates have been interviewed, and four names have been forwarded to the Provost for consideration as finalists for the position. Also, the Strategic Enrollment Management Modeling Team is preparing a report on current initiative for Chancellor Mone, Provost Britz, and Vice Chancellor Van Harpen.

October 23, 2018

UC Chair Kris O’Connor reported on the Chancellor’s Expanded Cabinet meeting. Faculty and staff are reminded to complete the annual security training, which needs to be completed by the end of the month. UWM will be hosting the Gubernatorial debate this Friday. Ben Shapiro has been invited to campus by the College Republicans and will be giving a talk on November 12th. The Title and Total Compensation Study was discussed, and the UC is monitoring its progress.

Policy on distance participation was discussed, to address how voting will be conducted at UWM-Washington County and UWM-Waukesha County. UC will look at specific wording of the policy at next week’s meeting. UC also discussed the calculation of workload across schools and colleges.

L&S Dean Scott Gronert met with the UC to become more familiar with the role of the UC in the university.

UC member Kathy Dolan reported that the CHS Dean search has now been slowed, to allow for additional applications to be solicited and received. It is anticipated that candidates will be invited to campus in spring.

UC member John Reisel reported that committee recommendations for Lubar Dean search finalists will be delivered to the Provost next week.

October 16, 2018

Provost Johannes Britz reported that the planning for implementation of the new budget model is moving along, and feedback has been obtained from all schools and colleges. The goal is to have it in place for the next academic year. There will be 3-, 6-, and 10-year plans for every school and college, and 16 performance-based funding measures set for each time period in areas of teaching and research, and school and colleges have to make their goals in order to receive their budgeted amount. To expand capacity and enrollment, a community engagement plan is also being put in place that includes MATC, M3 and WCTC (Washington County Technical College).

The Provost reported on the progress of each of the Dean searches; the CGS Dean search will be conducted in spring, and the Lubar and CHS searches are currently underway, as well as searches for the Director of the Library and Director of Central Academic Advising.

UC will be meeting with the Deans of all schools and colleges in November, to discuss post-tenure review, diversity, leadership training, and interface with governance. The new policy of mandatory reporting of employment and HR history for faculty or staff who move to different campuses within UW System was also discussed.

UC member Bettina Arnold reported on the APBC and said that the economic benefits survey will now be referred to governance committee chairs before being rolled out in November.

UC member Kathy Dolan reported on the progress of the CHS Dean search and said there may be some changes to the previously reported timeline, as the Provost said the timeline can be extended.

UC member John Reisel reported that the Lubar School Dean search committee met to set up Zoom interviews with semi-finalists for next week. Reisel will meet with the provost the following week to provide him with the committee’s recommendations. Economic Benefits Committee had a useful review of changes occurring this month.

October 9, 2018

Chancellor Mone discussed last week’s monthly meeting with the Board of Regents, held at UW-Parkside. UWM, UW-Whitewater, and UW-Parkside showcased capacity building in the region, in line with system initiatives. The restructuring of UWM with UWM-Washington County and UWM-Waukesha County was also discussed.

The Chancellor also gave an update on budget and enrollment. UW-Madison has increased their enrollment of in-state students, although the proportion they comprise is smaller than in the past. Still, continuing on this track will affect student enrollment at UWM. Efforts by UWM to counter this include cross-training of UWM recruiters to sell all three UWM campuses, to attend to enrollments across campuses. The Chancellor also stressed the importance of increasing strategic partnerships with corporations and other institutions of higher education (esp. technical colleges) in the region. Finally, he discussed the need for capacity building and diversity planning, and the development of a steering committee and establishment of staff support for this effort.

UC Chair Kris O’Connor reported that this week, the Budget Model Working Group will have its first meeting; he will represent UC on this committee.

UC member Bettina Arnold reported on the APBC committee meeting. APBC discussed the benefits survey that has been developed as a part of the Title and Total Compensation Study. All faculty and staff will be given the opportunity to take the survey. The target time for delivery is late November.

UC member Kathy Dolan reported that the CHS Dean search is moving forward at a rapid pace, and the last candidate will be on campus no later than December 16th. The deadline for applications is Nov. 1st.

UC member John Reisel reported that the Lubar Dean search and screen committee set an application deadline of Friday, Oct. 12th.

Secretary of the University Trudy Turner reported that the new Divisional Committee for General Studies has put forth their criteria for tenure and promotion; these criteria still need to be discussed and voted on by the Division. Charters need to be changed for most committees, and these changes will hopefully be on the Senate meeting docket for approval at the November meeting.

October 2, 2018

UC Chair Kris O’Connor reported that there was good attendance at the Male Allies workshop. The workshop provided an introduction to the issue of workplace culture around gender. There may be a subsequent Advocates training in the future.

Associate Vice Chancellor Dev Venugopalan and Provost Johannes Britz attended, and presented on the proposed Program Productivity Monitoring Policy, and how it could impact programs at UWM. Provost Britz said the primary approach UWM will take is to work with schools and colleges to identify strategies that will support current programs. There will be an upcoming comment period on the policy. The search and screen committees for the open CGS and CHS Dean positions are being developed and each will convene soon.

SecU staff Christine Roberson attended to seek clarification on how awards committees may be impacted by the need to change charters for the Faculty Awards and Recognitions Committee (ARC), Honorary Degree Committee (HON), and Academic Staff Awards Committee (ASAC).

UC member Dev Misra reported on the SSEA meeting, where he was elected as chair. They will be distributing a survey on teaching to all faculty and instructional academic staff.

Kristine Surerus came to discuss the charter and functioning of the Faculty Ethics Advisory Committee.