July 9, 2019

UC Chair Kris O’Connor reported on standing committees for the upcoming year. Names were generated to potentially fill vacancies on APBC, FAGC, FRRC, and the Divisional Committees.

The Deans of the Lubar School of Business, College of General Studies, and College of Health Sciences will be invited to attend a future UC meeting and discuss faculty governance.

UC Chair O’Connor attended the Budget Model Support Team meeting. Discussed at the meeting were: budget model formula and anticipation of future funding, and a comparison of schools and colleges; the marginal tuition model; and the level of improvement needed to result in increases for future budgets. Tine Freiburger will be the UC rep to the APBC next year.

UC Member Mark Schwartz requested that UC consider ways in which connections can be made between MORFS and departments.

The Committee considered proposed edits to Post-tenure review policy (UWM Doc. 3083). Changes still need to be made to clarify timelines. Once UC is finished editing the document, it will be forwarded to Faculty Senate for consideration.

June 25, 2019

ASC Chair Kristin Roosevelt attended and introduced Leigh Wallace, incoming ASC Chair. ASC continues to appoint academic staff to standing committees (e.g. Chancellor’s Care and Respect of Expression Task Force). The ASC conducted a survey of AS subcommittees in anticipation of a restructuring over the summer. Some will be eliminated. All subcommittees will now have bylaws. Roosevelt has heard from some colleges regarding development of their own workload policies – some are starting on this in fall, others are working on this over the summer. UC Chair O’Connor and UC Incoming Chair Dolan will attend an ASC meeting this summer.

UC Chair Kris O’Connor reported that the Chancellor’s Extended Cabinet met yesterday. A gift of $1.25M was announced from Microsoft for CSI. The State budget should be approved shortly, for consideration by the Evers administration. Enrollments are down campus-wide. The July Board of Regents meeting will have a special session for campuses that took in the 2 year colleges.

Three people will augment the department of Industrial and Mechanical Engineering. Rules Committee is now full; SSEA Committee still needs members. The Chancellor’s Care and Respect Task Force has been filled. Glen Williams will chair the Art and Design department this summer. Chair O’Connor has met with representatives of the School of Education.

UC Member John Reisel reported that the Strategic Enrollment Management Modeling team met to discuss the future of the committee. The Inappropriate Behaviors in our Facilities by Members of the Public workgroup was developed and met, charged with bringing together existing resources for how to handle issues as they arise.

Post Tenure Review Policy is being revised to clarify who is in control of the remediation process, and the role of the departmental Executive Committee in giving input.

The University Committee welcomes Tina Freiburger to the UC. She will officially start on the committee in August.

June 4, 2019

UC Chair Kris O’Connor reported that the Chancellor’s Expanded Cabinet met. Topics discussed included the Board of Regents meeting, to be held on our campus later this week, and UWM enrollment status. Positions on the Rules and SSEA Committees still need to be filled for 2019-20.

UC discussed voting rights that were mistakenly granted to a nonacademic staffperson in CHS, and which contradict UWM Policies and Procedures.

Possible changes and clarifications to the post-tenure review policy were discussed.

May 14, 2019

UC Chair Kris O’Connor attended the Faculty Reps meeting last week. Leave reporting processes were discussed. UW System President Ray Cross attended and participated in a discussion about the UW-Whitewater Chancellor search. The Program Monitoring Policy is still being developed and will be circulated in fall. President Cross is still pushing to fund the pay plan. President Cross has been discussing with the legislature the impact of transfer of technical college credits to UW System schools. An ad hoc committee on building safety is being developed; John Reisel will represent UC on this committee.

Chancellor Mark Mone attended, and discussed the upcoming Board of Regents meeting on campus in June; there should be much discussion about the budget. Requests for the UWM campus have gone through a rigorous vetting process over a period of time, and are supported by the BOR. There is a list of priorities regarding capital projects, and the UWM Chemistry building is at the top of the list.

Chancellor Mone and campus representatives have been working with major supporters to lobby legislators and promote the campus; this appears to be working well. The Chancellor has asked UW System for a meeting of all campuses involved in the System restructuring, to discuss a request for more time and more funding.

UC Member Bettina Arnold reported that APBC is meeting once more this academic year, later this week.

UC Member Laura Otto-Salaj reported that visits by the candidates for the CGS Dean position wrap up this week.

UC Member John Reisel reported that Economic Benefits also meets later this week.

UC Member Mark Schwartz reported that an external candidate for Library Director has withdrawn from the search.

May 7, 2019

UC Chair Kris O’Connor reported that he attended the Budget Model Support Team meeting. The impact of funding streams on fringe benefits and changes in accounting strategies were discussed. Fringe rates will change next year. Also, the new budget process does not include funds being carried forward, so how that will be addressed was discussed.

Provost Johannes Britz reported that candidates for the CGS Dean position are visiting this week and next. Library Director candidates are visiting next week.

UC Member Laura Otto-Salaj reported that CGS Dean candidates are visiting campus this week and next.

UC Member John Reisel reported that the pay plan memo was distributed by campus administration without consulting with the Economic Benefits Committee.

UC Member Mark Schwartz reported that GFC is revising policies regarding requirements for graduate student grade point average, considering that academic probation no longer exists.

UC Member Kathy Dolan was unanimously elected UC Chair for 2019-2020.

Implementation of post-tenure review policy was discussed, and major issues were identified. Ideas to assist implementation and clarify procedures and timelines were generated. UC will work on these issues over the summer, with a revised policy forthcoming.

The UC summer meeting schedule was determined. UC will meet on the following dates: June 4, June 25, July 9, July 30, August 13. All meetings will be held at 1 pm in Lubar N456. Weekly meetings will resume with the start of the fall contract, beginning August 20.

The UC wishes everyone a happy and productive summer.

April 30, 2019

Most business today was personnel-related, conducted in closed session.

UC Chair Kris O’Connor reported that the Dean of Students has assembled a Dean of Students Advisory Board, to act as an informal sounding board for issues that arise. Also, Tina Freiburger and John Reisel have won election to the UC; both will serve three-year terms.

UC Member John Reisel reported that the Policy Advisory Group met, and there are several revised SAAPs on the agenda for the next Faculty Senate meeting.

April 23, 2019

UC Chair Kris O’Connor reported that the Chancellor’s Extended Cabinet met yesterday – several announcements for partnerships are forthcoming. The keynote speaker for May graduation will be Milwaukee Brewers owner Mark Attanasio. An update on state budget and capital budget was provided. The Lubar Entrepreneurship Center is opening next week. Enrollment for Fall 2019 is steady. University staff elections have been completed.

UC Member Bettina Arnold reported that there was a discussion in APBC discussed that if no budget is passed, there will be a default to last year’s budget. GFC is still trying to continue to determine what happens with TA and RA tuition benefits and hiring of PAs under the new budget model.
UC Member Laura Otto-Salaj reported that the Provost has approved three candidates for on-campus interviews, to be conducted the weeks of May 6th and May 13th.

UC Member Mark Schwartz reported that a revision to FD 2793 establishing the Milwaukee Organization Representing the Faculty Senate (MORFS) will move through the Codification Committee and Rules Committee and will be placed on the Agenda for the next Faculty Senate meeting. UC endorses and supports the development of MORFS.

Academic Staff Senate Chair Kristin Roosevelt updated the UC on differential workload policy discussions. The AS Senate has been working to bring the academic staff of the College of General Studies under AS policy 104, and transition to a more consistent long-term contract for employees working over 50% FTE. Also, the AS workload policy has been presented to all Deans and to the Academic Staff Leadership Council. All schools and colleges should have a workload policy on file by July 1.

Dean Brett Peters, College of Engineering and Applied Science, provided an update on continuing needs for departmental augmentation in Material Science and Engineering, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering, and Biomedical Engineering.

Devi Shastri, reporter for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, attended. She is UWM’s new contact at the Journal Sentinel, and she is completing her first month with the newspaper. She covers higher ed across the state, both public and private colleges and universities. She is responsible for both smaller daily stories and larger “big picture” stories. Her editors are especially interested in research-based stories. Story ideas discussed include the Freshwater Collaborative, what is happening with the state budget and the impact on UW System campuses – including the limbo of the proposed UWM Chemistry building in capital expenditures. Another idea is exploration of the impact of the tuition freeze on UWM and other UW System colleges.

The Student Association Senate has asked for UC support of a resolution of support for open textbook opportunities for courses. The UC has agreed to endorse their proposed resolution, which should be on the agenda for the next Faculty Senate meeting.

April 16, 2019

Provost Johannes Britz reported that a Dean of the College of Health Sciences has been hired. We discussed potential changes to the Post-Tenure Review policy around remediation plan development for faculty who do not meet expectations in their post-tenure review. Three finalists for Library Director have been identified and contacted for campus visits. Finalists for the NML Data Science endowed professorship are visiting campus last week and this week.

UC member John Reisel reported that the Economic Benefits Committee met, and learned that the manager of the UWM flexible spending accounts will be changing for next year. John was elected co-chair for the 2019-20 academic year.

UC member Kathy Dolan reported that the College of Health Sciences has completed the interview process for a new Dean, and a candidate has been officially hired.

UC member Mark Schwartz reported on the progress of the MORFS (Milwaukee Organization Representing the Faculty Senate) initiative. This 501-c-6 organization is being developed to work similarly to PROFS at UW-Madison. MORFS will publicly represent and advocate for the UWM Faculty Senate, and the UC will essentially act at the Board of Directors of MORFS, similarly to how PROFS is structured in Madison. PROFS involves faculty choice to provide financial support through payroll deduction; there is support from the Governor’s office for faculty payroll deductions for MORFS as well. Both UWM administration and Legal Affairs are aware of the development of MORFS. Schwartz is developing an item about MORFS for the agenda at the May Faculty Senate meeting; the Senate will be asked to support this process so development of the organization can continue to move forward.

UC member Laura Otto-Salaj reported that the CGS Dean Search and Screen Committee completed Zoom interviews this past week and will meet today to develop a list of proposed finalists to forward to the Provost for his consideration.

April 9, 2019

Chancellor Mark Mone attended and provided an update on the budget. The State Building Commission did not advance any recommendations to the Joint Finance Commission on the capital budget. The Chancellor and UW System President Ray Cross believe that the Chemistry building will remain at the top of the priority list for capital projects, and the Chancellor hopes that the Union will also remain high up on the list as well. They will advocate for these projects. Chancellor Mone will announce a System-wide initiative to prevent sexual misconduct on campuses, with our campus as the springboard for the initiative. The Freshwater Collaborative is moving along and appears to have significant institutional support. There will be a new Chancellor and Provost at UW-Whitewater, and UW-Stout has announced the development of a search committee for a new Chancellor.

There was a discussion about the routing of cases requesting consideration of faculty discipline or dismissal. Suggestions to provide clarification in the process included the provision of training for deans and department chairs, and that deans confer with the Provost prior to forwarding dismissal cases to the Chancellor. Protection of students was also discussed.

John McCune, vice president of Student Affairs for UWM student government, and Kristin Woodward, UWM Libraries, presented to UC on ideas to make course materials more affordable at UWM by increasing open textbook use by faculty and instructional staff. Results from a student survey were presented, and the Open Textbooks initiative was discussed. Grants are available for individual faculty who wish to transition to open textbook use. McCune and Woodward suggested Faculty Senate support of a Student Association resolution advocating for open textbook use.

UC member John Reisel reported that the Rules Committee finalized the Faculty Senate agenda for next week. There will be a AAUP resolution discussed at that meeting.

UC member Bettina Arnold reported that the Budget Model Working Group has presented to APBC and is still working on integrating CGS with rest of campus. The Department of Education is auditing UWM.

UC member Mark Schwartz reported that the Library Director Search and Screen Committee met and developed a list of finalists which has been forwarded to the Provost.

UC member Laura Otto-Salaj reported that the CGS Dean Search and Screen Committee will be conducting Zoom interviews with semifinalists later this week and early next week.

April 2, 2019

UC Chair Kris O’Connor reported that Dean of Students Adam Jussel is developing a student advisory committee to provide feedback to the Dean of Students office on various initiatives and programs; faculty representation will also be solicited for this committee. Also, the Program Monitoring Policy Plan is being revised for circulation and consideration in the fall. O’Connor attended the Chancellor’s Employee Learning and Development Advisory Committee (CELDAC) meeting, at which Tim Danielson reported on trainings available through HR. Finally, the Faculty Representatives were contacted by a legislator’s office; this request was forwarded to UW System.

The UC discussed the need to clarify procedures used when faculty waive their rights to a tenure and promotion hearing in their 6th year, and subsequent procedures to be used in year 7. UC will recommend that the Codification Committee clarify this process.

Provost Johannes Britz reported that a list of several candidates for Health Sciences Dean has been forwarded to him for consideration.

UC member John Reisel reported that Policy Advisory Committee met and discussed a revised SAAP on extended incompletes for undergraduates; this will be brought to the Faculty Senate at their next meeting.

UC member Laura Otto-Salaj reported that the Search and Screen Committee for the CGS Dean met and narrowed down the pool of recommended candidates to 8. This list will be forwarded to the Provost for review. Once the Provost approves a list of semifinalists, these people will be invited for Zoom interviews.