November 19, 2019

UC Chair Kathleen Dolan met with Provost Britz yesterday. She also received a response to the Faculty Senate resolution passed last week, which she shared with UC members. She was interviewed by a reporter from the Chronicle for Higher Education on the UW System search process. UW System President Ray Cross will attend the January 23rd, 2020 meeting of the Faculty Senate. There will be two meetings of the 2030 Think Tank in December.

There are currently three vacancies on Faculty Senate which need to be filled: one in SS, one in A&H, and one is Professions. There is also an opening on APBC for a faculty member from CGS. UC discussed possible candidates.

November 12, 2019

UC Chair Kathleen Dolan attended yesterday’s 2030 Think Tank meeting. At that meeting, the members identified data they will need to collect in order to make recommendations. They are reviewing universities that are members of the University Innovation Alliance, to see if there are ideas that could be implemented here. K. Dolan asked UC for input and suggestions.

Chancellor Mark Mone attended. He gave a preview of his remarks for the upcoming Academic Staff Senate and Faculty Senate meetings:
1) Discussion of the momentum of larger fundraising campaign, and development of a bridge campaign to carry us to the next major fundraising campaign and fund the new research vessel;
2) Summary of strategic directions and description of the composition and mission of Think Tank 2030;
3) UWM and UW System budgets;
4) The retirement of Ray Cross. Composition of the search committee was discussed; there are no faculty or staff on the committee, and only one (non-traditional) student. The UC questioned the Chancellor on the candidate characteristics for which the search committee might be looking.

The UC also had questions about the pay plan and timing; Chancellor Mone responded that the pay plan has yet to be added to the meeting agenda of the Joint Commission on Employee Relations. Chancellor Mone also attended a meeting of the Association for Public and Land Grant Universities (APLU) in San Diego last week. Challenges for higher education were discussed. The Chancellor chairs the 21st Century Work Force Trends segment of the Urban Serving Universities track.

UC Member Bettina Arnold reported on the R1 working group. They are looking for information on the number of full-time faculty on campus.

UC Member Laura Otto-Salaj reported on the AAFE committee. They have been discussing how to tailor materials to help with faculty recruitment and have been reviewing materials from other universities.

UC Member Julia Snethen reported on the Campus Space and Planning Committee, which allocates space for activities across campus. The committee is chaired by K. Surerus.

UC Member John Reisel reported that the EBC cancelled its meeting.

UC Member Mark Schwartz reported that MORFS membership forms continue to be submitted.

At the next Faculty Senate meeting, there will be a suspension of the rules to consider the resolution to add faculty to the System President search committee.

Provost Johannes Britz and Academic Staff Committee Chair Leigh Wallace will attend the next UC meeting.

November 5, 2019

B. Arnold reported the R1 workgroup will be split into two “tracks” – one on research, and one on graduate student success and recruitment, with combined meetings to be periodically held by the respective chairs of the two working groups. APBC discussions about the 2021-2023 budget are continuing. Also, most faculty and staff are now signed up for Duo Factor authentication. The remainder is comprised primarily of adjunct instructors. Only one school has members who have not completed outside activities report documentation. Those who have not completed this may not be eligible for the pay plan.

Provost Johannes Britz continues to identify reasons for lower enrollment so they can be addressed. A transfer summit is being planned to discuss transfer agreements and barriers to transfers.The campus early warning system is working well; there are plans to incorporate texting in addition to email messaging. Provost Britz also indicates the need to be more competitive. The Graduate School Open House event set a record for most attendees in its history. The Honors College is also doing well, with high graduation rates.

Provost Britz informed us that Nancy Frank will continue as Interim Dean of SARUP for the next year. The search for the next HBSSW Dean is also continuing. The integration of all campus multicultural centers has been completed.

Provost Britz continues to meet with all schools and colleges on campus, to engage in budgetary planning for the next several years (divisional budgets). There is a Board of Regents meeting this week, and the Provost retreat is on Wednesday the 6th. The next capital budget requests will include NWQ, the Engineering building, and additional parking for Chemistry.

UC Chair Kathleen Dolan reported that she attended the UW System Faculty Representatives meeting in Madison last week. Emeritus faculty across campuses are having trouble accessing email and library resources. IT is the largest challenge, as the perception is that emeriti are seen as the largest security risk for phishing. Also, amendment of governing documents to include Policy 1254, meant to standardize performance evaluations across employment categories, is currently on hold. K. Dolan stated that Faculty Representatives were informed of the All-In-Wisconsin campaign, which will travel to all 13 comprehensive campuses over the next year. The purpose of the campaign is to bring business leaders to campuses for networking and relationship-building. Day-long sessions will also include the Regents for that area, and will involve coverage by local media and social media. UWM’s visit is tentatively scheduled for spring. A progress report on the restructuring of UW System was given at the meeting; 94% of the milestones for the integration of the 2-year schools with the 4-year schools have been completed at the system level. There was also discussion of how the results of the Title and Total Compensation project will affect academic staff. There was a presentation on job titles – linked to salaries – vs. business titles, which may be created by campuses and will not be tied to pay or performance.

UC Member Bettina Arnold reported the R1 workgroup will be split into two “tracks” – one on research, and one on student success and recruitment. Combined meetings will be periodically held by the respective chairs of the two working groups.

UC Member John Reisel reported that the Policy Advisory Committee approved a revision of the Academic Approval Matrix Policy, which will go to Faculty Senate for approval. The Honors College Advisory Committee also met; the Honors College has steadily increasing enrollment. They are trying to build connections with the Honors programs at the Waukesha and Washington County campuses.

UC Member Julia Snethen reported that the Rules Committee has approved the agenda for next week’s Senate meeting.

UC Member Mark Schwartz reported that MORFS membership applications are beginning to be completed and submitted.

The search committee was announced for the UW System President; it does not include any faculty, academic staff, or university staff members. A motion will be made to suspend the rules at the next Faculty Senate meeting (11-14-19) to add a resolution condemning the failure to include faculty and staff on the committee. The draft of the resolution will be sent to Senators several days prior to the meeting.

October 29, 2019

CHS Dean Tim Behrens attended. He stated that enrollment challenges require CHS to be nimble and more efficient. Future conversations with faculty and staff will cover workload consistency across units, how the budget model is affecting CHS, and curricula. Collaborations with ZSPH are also being explored.

ASC Chair Leigh Wallace attended. She reported that staff are concerned with the upcoming rollout and implementation of the Titling and Total Compensation Study results. HR representatives will begin meeting with supervisors in November to discuss how to present this information to staff affected by title changes. To this point, mechanisms to attain indefinite status remain in place. L. Wallace was asked how this might affect CGS staff; she was unclear on how they would be impacted. She also stated that a mentoring program for academic staff is being considered. A survey to gauge interest may be developed and distributed. Finally, ASC is meeting with all new Deans over the next several months.

UC Chair Kathleen Dolan reported that she attended the Chancellor’s Expanded Cabinet meeting last week. At the meeting, it was discussed that the format of future meetings will change, each meeting will have a theme. At the meeting, Vice Chancellor of Development and Alumni Relations Pat Borger presented on the recent fundraising campaign and the successful raising of $250,000,000. During this drive, funds were established for 304 new scholarships. Approximate breakdowns of the proceeds are: $133 million for student success, $89 million for research, and $29 million for community engagement. Approximately 21,000 total donors pledged money during the drive. The UW System Chancellors will increase their next budgetary request of the Board of Regents, compared to prior requests.
Also, UW System President Ray Cross will retire after a national search to fill his position. Finally, the Chancellor’s Chief of Staff Sue Weslow sent a survey to Expanded Cabinet members to evaluate Chancellor Mark Mone. The results were mostly positive. Areas identified for improvement were: 1) brevity in communications; 2) delegation of more work to cabinet members; and 3) increased attention needed for entities external to the University.

K. Dolan also attended the meeting of the Chancellor’s 2030 Think Tank last week; the meeting was well-attended. Reports from workgroup members are expected by April 15th. Chancellor Mone and Provost Johannes Britz may also use the group as a sounding board.

UC Member Bettina Arnold reported the R1 workgroup met and clarified their mandate to discuss strategies to maintain the university’s R1 status.

UC Member John Reisel reported that the Economic Benefits Committee met and discussed the rollout of the Titling and Total Compensation Study results. Associate Vice Chancellor for Human Resources Tim Danielson will attend a meeting in later in the semester to discuss the results and plans for implementation.

UC Member Mark Schwartz reported that the introduction letter for MORFS is ready to send to the faculty; the letter will be sent by the SecU office. He will arrange meetings with department chairs to discuss the organization and its mission.

In new business, several Faculty Senate vacancies have been filled. There is still one position open on Faculty Senate, a 1-year position for faculty in the Social Sciences. Bill Keith has agreed to serve on the Student Association Independent Elections Commission. There will be an election for an open position on SSEA at the November Faculty Senate meeting. There is also a newly open position on GFC.

October 22, 2019

UC Chair Kathleen Dolan reported she had her biweekly meeting with Provost Johannes Britz. She also had her monthly meeting with Chancellor Mone; they discussed the 2030+ Think Tank, which meets for the first time on 10/23. There are 15 members of the committee, which is co-chaired by Associate Vice Provost for Research Kristian O’Connor, and College of Nursing Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Jennifer Doering. The goal of the Think Tank is to develop recommendations for planning by mid-April. Also, Chancellor Mone, Associate Vice Chancellor for Human Resources Tim Danielson and Vice Chancellor of Finance and Administrative Affairs Robin Van Harpen are discussing ways to improve clarity and consistency regarding family leave – there is currently no campus or system policy to address this, resulting in wide variation of practices between departments. Finally, there has been no news on the status of UWS Administrative Policy 1254.

Dean of the Lubar School of Business Kaushal Chari attended. He described challenges with student success and student recruitment and plans to address these issues, including establishment of a task force to examine undergrad curriculum and make recommendations for revision, and examination of reasons for declining undergraduate enrollments. LSB is looking at developing articulation agreements with several two-year colleges (e.g. MATC). Dean Chari has established a strategic plan for the School, called GREAT: Global, Relevant, Entrepreneurial, Accessible, and Transformative. The plan emphasizes student success, research with impact, global engagement, an open, welcoming culture and a distinctive identity. The school will work to market a distinctive identity of innovation and analytics. UC and the Dean discussed methods to encourage involvement of LSB faculty in governance.

UC Member Bettina Arnold reported that there was a delay in approving the materials for the HBSSW Dean search, but everything has now been approved and the position has been posted. The next meeting of the Search and Screen Committee is in early November, to create interview questions and finalize interview dates. She is also serving on a committee chaired by Mark Harris, the purpose of which is to brainstorm and discuss strategies to maintain our R1 status. UC identified topics for discussion.

UC Member Mark Schwartz reported that the Graduate Faculty Committee is assessing its processes and function. He has also updated links on the UC News page to provide current information on the Milwaukee Organization Representing the Faculty Senate (MORFS).

Secretary of the University Trudy Turner reported that the SecU office is offering a governance training for all faculty, academic staff and university staff governance committee chairs, committee members and department/executive committee chairs on 10/23 from 11 AM – 12:30 PM.

October 15, 2019

UC Chair Kathleen Dolan issued an invitation to UW System President Ray Cross to attend a UWM Faculty Senate meeting; he has accepted. K. Dolan also received the official invitation to participate in the Chancellor’s Think Tank 2030 work group.

Provost Johannes Britz reported that he is initiating lunch meetings with all department chairs; chairs are divided into several groups for these meetings. Ombuds Council Chair Nadya Fouad will also attend.

Provost Britz is also examining enrollment statistics for explanations of this semester’s overall decline. Losses are primarily among upperclassmen –
Provost Britz says this is not a new phenomenon, but has increased this year. Two significant reasons for this are students leaving because of financial issues, and students leaving to take jobs. Provost Britz said that a significant number of students transferred to UW-LaCrosse or UW-Madison. Engagement of faculty to help with retention will be important going forward. There are also issues with declines in international students, and transfer students from the private technical schools. Provost Britz identified the need to update our agreements to remove barriers to transfer.

Provost Britz attended a meeting of Chinese university administrators. China is investing heavily in education.

The proposed Freshwater Collaborative appears to have bipartisan support for funding. And, additional funds from the state were approved to help with the pay plan.

The Outside Activity Reports must be completed in order to receive a salary increase. These were due in April. Conflicts of interest are also noted on the report.

UC Member Laura Otto-Salaj reported that the Affirmative Action in Faculty Employment Committee (AAFEC) met and discussed bolstering resources available to search and screen committees for faculty hires. The committee is evaluating online training modules available through HR as part of a bundled package purchased by the university; one module addresses enhancing diversity in hiring. The committee will also work on developing a recruitment checklist focused on diversity enhancement, to augment existing school recruitment checklists.

UC Member John Reisel reported that SSEA is formulating questions for three reviews.

UC Member Julia Snethen reported that there has been a resignation from the Rules Committee. An election will be held for a new member at the Faculty Senate meeting this Thursday.

UC Member Mark Schwartz reported that the MORFS agreement with PROFS has been signed.

October 8, 2019

UC Chair Kathleen Dolan met with Associate VC for Human Resources Tim Danielson. UW System has directed campuses to make mandatory changes guided by UWS Administrative Policy 1254. Changes will occur to policies governing evaluation of tenured and nontenured faculty, university staff, and academic staff. The changes must be completed by December 31st, 2019.

Chancellor Mark Mone and Chief of Staff Sue Weslow attended the meeting. The Joint Finance Committee met and determined that the budgetary allocation for UW System for the 2020-22 biennium would be divided evenly across both years. The focus is now shifting to budgeting for the 2021-23 biennium.

There was a study of access to family leave at UWM; results are currently being examined to identify weaknesses in current policies and how they can be improved for the future.

The Shared Services Model has been implemented across several schools and colleges; this will be put into effect in L&S in the future. S. Weslow said the new hub structure is working more efficiently than the decentralized approach it replaces.

The Chancellor is developing a think tank/work group (2030 Think Tank) charged with examining strategic planning and direction five and 10 years out from a variety of perspectives and backgrounds. Work group membership will be finalized in the next two weeks. A retreat of this work group will be held in January. UC was asked to brainstorm desirable qualities of 2030 Think Tank members.

SARUP Interim Dean Nancy Frank attended. She is hoping to renew enthusiasm of faculty regarding participation in governance. She has also reconvened the school APBC, which had been dormant for a while, to assist with budgetary challenges in the school.

UC Member John Reisel reported that the Working Group on Inappropriate Behaviors in UWM Facilities has submitted its final report to administration. The working group found that many policies and procedures were adequate, but were not easily located, and were not provided to all building chairs – especially new chairs. They have compiled the policies and recommend centralizing them and bolstering training of building chairs.

UC Member Julia Snethen reported that the Rules Committee has suggested topics for Ray Cross’ visit.

UC Member Mark Schwartz reported that MORFS is ready for launch after the agreement with PROFS is signed.

October 1, 2019

Provost Johannes Britz attended, and provided several updates. He will meet this week with representatives from SARUP to discuss the search for a new Dean. State Rep. Robin Vos and State Sen. Alberta Darling came to campus on Monday, and met with Chancellor Mark Mone and Provost Britz.

Provost Britz is developing a newsletter-style update for Academic Affairs that he will share with faculty and staff in the next several weeks. GER status and challenges regarding departmental compliance with GER assessment requirements were discussed. Provost Britz said that fall semester enrollment is down 3.7% overall. He is examining contributing factors in order to develop strategies to address them. Enrollment of WI residents, international students, and transfer student numbers are lower than in previous semesters. He will meet with representatives from MATC to discuss barriers to transfers of technical college students. Also being examined are pathways that have contributed a significant number of students to UWM, such as high schools having a history of students enrolling here. Questions were asked about loss of students to other UW System schools and University of Minnesota. He sees enrollment as key to addressing future budgetary issues.

UC Chair Kathy Dolan reported that Provost Britz asked her for feedback on the Academic Affairs newsletter-style update he is writing.

UC Member Tina Freiburger reported that the Academic Planning and Budget Committee met to discuss the new budget model and implications of this semester’s enrollment decline on future departmental budgets. UC discussed how budgetary shortfalls will be distributed across schools and colleges. A goal of enhancing student financial aid was also discussed.

K. Dolan will follow up on her verbal invitation to UW System President Ray Cross with a written invitation to attend a Faculty Senate meeting, in order to determine the date he will travel to campus. Dolan will ask the Rules Committee to generate topics of interest to our campus for his discussion with Faculty Senate.

UC Member Mark Schwartz presented drafts of two documents for discussion: 1) a budget for Milwaukee Organization Representing the Faculty Senate (MORFS) at UW-Milwaukee, and 2) a collaboration agreement between MORFS and Public Representation Organization of the Faculty Senate (PROFS) at UW-Madison.

September 24, 2019

UC Chair Kathleen Dolan reported that the Post-Tenure Review policy changes passed the Faculty Senate. She attended the Faculty Representatives meeting in Madison last week. There was a session with Ray Cross, in which the composition of the Search Committee for the UWGB Chancellor was discussed – there are five Regents, two faculty, one university staff, one academic staff, and one community member. Only one faculty member suggested by the representative UC committees was selected to be a part of the search committee. R. Cross also said the budget would be released mid-October, and said that in the next budget cycle, he will request money for employee compensation and begin a conversation about areas of need in the System over the long term. K. Dolan invited R. Cross to a Faculty Senate meeting, and he accepted.

K. Dolan attended the Chancellor’s Expanded Cabinet meeting on Monday. Katie Mioke reported that UWM is 3.8% down in enrollment; final numbers will be available in October. Seven campuses are down in enrollment, while Green Bay, Madison, Parkside, Eau Claire, LaCrosse all have increased enrollment. Tom Luljak presented on a new policy regarding advertising on campus. The Title and Total Compensation Project continues – job titles and descriptions have been created, and now mapping of incumbents to titles and descriptions will take place. Emphasis is on non-faculty positions. David Gilbert said that UWM Foundation and the UWM Alumni Association will merge. Provost Johannes Britz reported that the next round of budget meetings with all units on campus.

K. Dolan also met with Chancellor Mone, and discussed the GER review and family leave policies for campus faculty.

Dean of Students Adam Jussel attended to discuss the services provided by the Dean of Students Office. He described several buckets of services offered/areas covered by the DoS Office: 1) Student misconduct, 2) student support [intervening with students of concern (primarily mental health issues)], 3) crisis response (e.g. threats of an active shooter), 4) everything else (e.g. students and parents voicing concerns about the university and campus life). He is looking for continuing feedback about how the DoS Office is doing and wants the number of reports they get to increase; he believes there are events that are going unreported. A goal is for him to be out in the community doing proactive work on behalf of the university. He is also trying to empower faculty to take control of their classrooms, and document efforts with them. He discussed the Small Emergency Grant funds that have been provided over the past two years ($360k); the funding lapsed, and the DoS Office is looking for more funding. Areas of concern include significant student financial needs (e.g. student emergency grants, food pantry) and campus culture. Dean Jussel is looking for invitations from departments to talk about student services; he also hopes to meet with many student organizations.

Academic Staff Chair Leigh Wallace attended. ASC meets regularly over the academic year and has met once this year so far. They have begun the academic year by reviewing over chapter 104 (i.e. indefinite, fixed term, probationary status). ASC has also requested departmental workload policies for instructional academic staff to get a sense of differences across campus, and to make sure they are consistent with university policy. They are also examining ways for staff to enhance academic learning environments and are looking through policies to make sure ASC members are familiar with policies and to see if any changes are needed. The ASC is also planning to examine AS committees to see if they are all still relevant. ASC has not had issues filling senator positions, academic staff appear willing to serve. Representatives from CGS are still needed on ASC, so the committee is being promoted to encourage participation by CGS staff in the AS elections in spring.

CGS Dean Simon Bronner attended, and discussed the changing mission of CGS and UWM affiliation. He said he is working hard to learn the UWM shared governance system. Discussions of both faculty and instructional staff workload within the CGS are ongoing. Dean Bronner asked about CGS structure and the utility of the CGS steering committee, which may be a holdover from the UW Colleges structure. UC discussed options for structure given examples from schools at the main campus. Dean Bronner would like campus to consider expansion of the UWM brand to one that is more regional, rather than solely urban.

UC Member John Reisel reported that the Economic Benefits Committee met and discussed the Title and Total Compensation study and the status of the Employee Benefits Survey. A long-term benefit strategy to keep us competitive will be recommended by the committee in spring. The Open Enrollment period is October.

September 17, 2019

UC Chair Kathleen Dolan reported she is attending the first Faculty Representatives meeting later this week. Topics to be discussed include the UWGB Chancellor search and committee membership; access of Emeritus faculty to campus IT resources, and the sabbatical approval process. K. Dolan also met with the ASC this week.

Vice Chancellor Dev Venugopalan provided an update on our 4-year assurance review for accreditation – we were rated as meeting all core components of the accreditation criteria. VC Venugopalan said we can improve on Gen Ed assessment, which is monitored by APCC; many Gen Ed courses do not report assessment information. As UWM is designated Open Pathway, UWM needs to submit a quality initiative proposal this fall – this initiative is supposed to demonstrate significant scope and impact on academic quality and student success. Attention will be paid to activities enhancing 6-year graduation rates and first year retention (e.g. mentoring, tutoring, supplemental instruction) and ways to increase participation rates in these activities, especially among underrepresented minority students. The Provost’s Office will assess and encourage faculty participation in retention.

UC Member Tina Freiburger reported that at the APBC meeting, there was a discussion of how schools and colleges that charge fees instead of tuition (e.g. Business, SOIS, online courses across all schools/colleges) will be taxed next year by central administration. Fringe benefit charges will also be charged back to schools and colleges as well. Schools and colleges can spend their carry forward budgets.

UC Member John Reisel reported that SSEA met and elected Jeffrey Sommers as chair for this year.

UC Member Mark Schwartz reported that GFC elected Aaron Schutz as chair of the committee for 2019-20. GFC discussed changes to the Academic Approval Matrix. Former subcommittees are now full committees, so they report directly to the Faculty Senate, instead of GFC.

Changes to Post-Tenure Review is the main item on the agenda for the Faculty Senate meeting later this week, which will follow the Chancellor’s Plenary.

Dean of Students Adam Jussel and Academic Staff Senate Chair Leigh Wallace will attend next week’s meeting.