June 16, 2020

K. Dolan reported on the Deans’ Meeting at which net operating losses of $15-20 million were projected for FY 2020; in 2021 projected operating losses of $25-45 million are predicted; units will be expected to engage in reductions based on these projections. No travel will be sanctioned unless external funds are used. Units will be able to keep savings from furloughs. More information regarding position specific furloughs will be coming for fall. Campus reserves would be exhausted in 68 days, so at most $10 million of reserves could be used to offset shortfalls. Enrollment Services reported that entering student numbers are down 6.6% compared to the same time last year but final numbers could change. The continuing student yield is also still unclear, but students seem to be registering for fewer credits compared to last year. The actual reduction numbers for individual units, including permanent cuts, will be announced in mid-July.

Provost Britz attended the meeting and confirmed that realignment of programs and administrative organization will be necessary due to the cuts requested by System.

The creation of a UWM Competition Review Committee was discussed. Other campuses already have such a committee so this would bring UWM into line with the rest of the UW System. The UC was asked to suggest the names of faculty and staff to be appointed to this committee to comply with UW Board of Regents Policy RPD12-1.

The UC summer schedule will begin as of next week. The Chancellor has been invited to attend the July 14 meeting.

June 9, 2020

K. Dolan attended a session during the interview process for J. Johnsen for UW System President. The session included faculty and other governance representatives from across the system as well as other individuals in leadership positions. Questions were asked about shared governance, diversity and other concerns.  It was not apparent how feedback would be provided to the Board of Regents, which met in closed session on the evening of June 9.

K. Dolan spoke with Corey Saffold, the newly appointed student regent. She will also speak with the education reporter for the Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel about the System President selection process.

K. Dolan reported that the Scenario Planning Working Group presented its final report detailing recommendation for the fall. June 15 is still the deadline for announcing the fall schedule. The general consensus is that campus will be as open as possible depending on the conditions and safety precautions in place at the time the final decision is made.

K. Dolan had a discussion with Dean M. Gajdardziska-Josifovska concerning the opening of research laboratories, in particular the deadline of July 31 for the opening of facilities. K. Dolan will speak with the Dean and Provost about these concerns.

K. Dolan reported on a meeting of System representatives with UW System President Ray Cross to discuss ways in which the System can support campuses.

B. Arnold and N. Rothfels reported on the activities of the R1 Working Group. There were no other Members’ Reports.

Dean S. Gronert sent a letter to Letters & Science Chairs and Directors about the approval of website postings in relation to the ongoing protests. The UC will continue to monitor this process.

A motion was made, seconded and passed unanimously to approve the letter sent to the Board of Regents by K. Dolan regarding the UW System President search. K.  Dolan will present this letter to the Faculty Senate in September.

The Provost will attend next week’s meeting.

June 2, 2020

UC Chair Kathleen Dolan reported that the Scenario Planning Committee Leads met on June 2 to finalize the report to be discussed on Friday with the whole committee before forwarding the report to the Provost and the Chancellor. The report will focus on efforts to move along two tracks for fall: 1) how to maximize face-to-face classes to the degree that this can be done safely and 2) to make sure that faculty and academic staff work with CETL to ensure quality of instruction for fall online courses. Higher education institutions can’t open until the criteria outlined in Phase 4 of Milwaukee’s plan for reopening are met; the first weekly review suggested that we are still at Phase 2. It is possible that all instruction in Milwaukee will be online in fall if the city fails to meet these benchmarks. A connected issue is K-12 education; if the  Milwaukee schools are not open a significant number of faculty would not be able to return to campus.

ASC Chair Leigh Wallace reported that ASC will continue to meet over the summer. There will be no ASC Senate meeting next week because no recommendations are available yet for fall. Informational meetings will be scheduled for July and August. Tim Danielson met with the ASC to discuss concerns regarding the furlough situation; 213 mostly non-instructional academic staff and a few research academic staff were furloughed in Phase 1 and 2 in a mix of full or partial furloughs. Concerns were expressed about layoffs and returning in the fall, especially personal safety and health concerns if faculty decline to teach face-to-face classes. Only two requests for information were received regarding status clock extensions but no formal requests have been submitted yet. The ASC may revisit this issue in September. Kyla Esguerra will be the new ASC Chair & Nicole Oswald will be Vice Chair. Tim Danielson also reported to the ASC that the TTC process has been temporarily suspended until Aug/Sept. There were some issues with paychecks for June 1 because so many different percentages regarding salaries had to be calculated. An email will go out on Thursday informing Academic Staff to check paychecks to make sure there are no problems.

There were no Members’ Reports.

May 26, 2020

UC Chair Kathleen Dolan Kathy Dolan reported that the summer UC meeting schedule with Chancellor Mark Mone, Provost Johannes Britz and ASC Chair Leigh Wallace is being set up.

K. Dolan reported that the Scenario Planning Committee and other groups will be providing their recommendations regarding the coming fall semester to Chancellor Mone soon. The watchword is to be open as widely as possible while still staying safe based on physical constraints and student and faculty demands and needs. How/when to implement a soft roll-out allowing faculty and staff back into offices and labs over the summer to create a comfort level with returning to campus before fall is still under discussion.

K. Dolan reported on the Scenario Planning Committee meeting in which UWM Police Chief LeMire talked about purchasing of PPE and other supplies for fall, including plexi around podia, etc. The Housing Committee estimated that 1000-1500 students may be the maximum number that can be safely housed on campus; the limiting factor is bathroom capacity, so projections are starting with that variable. Various levels of student interest are predicted. The report of the Rooms Capacity Group is still pending but classrooms in Kenwood Church, the Zelazo Center, Klotsche etc. are being mapped to see if any could be used for instruction. Most classrooms on campus have a capacity of 30-50 seats, so only small classes could be accommodated in the majority of instructional spaces. Laura Pedrick and the Scenario Planning Committee estimate that no more than 20-30% of already scheduled face-to-face classes can be held onsite. The key will be to ensure that the mix of face-to-face classes across campus is equitable rather than just upper level classes or mainly in some schools but not others. UITS is also working on campus capacity for broadcasting classes for live lecture capture courses. Other questions include how scheduling of classes will change due to the need to clean shared spaces between classes; this should be resolved in late June/early July.

K. Dolan reported that School of Public Health Dean Ron Perez has been appointed to a 25% position as Senior Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion reporting to Vice Chancellor of Global Inclusion and Engagement Joan Prince and her office with the possibility that this position will expand to 50%. The position is funded by the Chancellor’s discretionary account.

K. Dolan reported on a virtual meeting with Ray Cross and UW System governance heads last week to discuss how campuses will manage the fall semester. The concern was how to communicate to students that we want them on campus but that they will have to accept a certain level of risk if they choose to return. System needs to communicate what will be possible and what campus life will look like and students will have to decide whether to accept the risks associated with an on-campus return.

K. Dolan reported that UWM Deans are going through scenarios to prioritize courses that have to be taught face to face vs. those that are more flexible and can be offered online or in a hybrid format. CETL is developing an action plan for professional development (webinars, etc.).

K. Dolan reported on the Expanded Cabinet meeting discussion of campus planning building requests for the next biennial budget: the new Engineering building which will replace the existing Physics building is at the top of the list but funding has also been requested for additions to NWQB where Health Sciences would be housed and a new dock wall at the School of Freshwater Sciences. NWQ construction is scheduled to begin in late fall on buildings C&D and demolition of Building A should start in summer 2022.

K. Dolan reported on Kay Eislers’ update on enrollments: campus enrollments are down 5% re: student deposits for fall compared to last year but momentum is picking up as the June 1 deadline approaches. Returning student enrollment is currently down 1.3%; that number hasn’t changed so far this month but the first student orientation on June 8th should provide a better sense of the actual returning student numbers. Eislers reported that 8000 Emergency grants have been provided to students at $950 each as part of UWM’s distribution of nearly $8.5 million in Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act funding. The federal money is intended to help students struggling with expenses such as food, housing, course materials and childcare after campus operations were disrupted by the virus. 1100 additional applications were received after the May 12 deadline.

There were no Members’ Reports.

ASC Chair Leigh Wallace will attend next week’s meeting.

May 19, 2020

UC Chair Kathleen Dolan Kathy Dolan reported on May 14 meeting with faculty reps and UW System President Ray Cross; decision by July 10 now moved back to June 15 about fall semester. There was discussion of how supplies will be sourced, from PPE to other material, so that campuses will not be expected to deal with this individually. Campus representatives to the UW System will meet weekly with President Ray Cross. The system is planning to bulk purchase equipment that campuses will need to open in the fall.  The timeline for information about the selection of the new System President may be presented in June.

K. Dolan reported on the May 19 meeting of Faculty Representatives with President Cross and three Regents (Karen Walsh, Tracy Klein and Edmund Manydeeds) plus campus affairs representatives to discuss the recently released UW System COVID planning document, especially regarding faculty governance involvement in the process of program array retooling. All reiterated support of shared governance in making decisions regarding program duplication at the comprehensives. There are issues with broadband access and competition from online programs at each of the colleges. Resources would need to be distributed more equally for this to work. No specific actions were articulated.

K. Dolan reported that the Scenario Planning Group discussed campus mapping for implementing social distancing guidelines for Fall 2020. It is estimated that no more than 20% of classes could be offered face-to-face based on classroom space available when classes of 50 students or less are considered in the calculations. The first classes to be face-to-face will be those that are needed for accreditation and those with laboratory or performance components. There was discussion about whether it might be possible to break larger lecture classes into smaller sections. These limitations will have an impact on retention and connections between students. Recommendations are expected by June 1.

Provost Johannes Britz attended and reported on attending an APLU (Association of Public and Land Grant Universities) meeting on Covid-19 preparedness. Winterim 2021 was discussed; there are questions about whether it will be fully online.

Provost Britz reported that Dean Alan Shoho will step down after the Fall semester.  The Provost is considering having deans oversee more than one school.

There was a discussion about the risk/benefit calculations of face-to-face classes. The Provost stated that the university is looking at measures to protect people and make the campus as safe as possible.

There were no Members’ Reports.

K. Dolan presented a report under New Business from K. Haag of the Student Allocations Committee written in response to the questions raised at the Senate meeting concerning SAC funding for graduate student travel to conferences. Haag will be asked to report to the Senate in the Fall.

Meetings with the Chancellor and Provost will be scheduled for the summer with the Offices of the Chancellor and Provost.

ASC Chair Leigh Wallace will attend next week’s meeting.

May 12, 2020

UC Chair Kathleen Dolan reported that Provost Johannes Britz met with existing and incoming department chairs today to update them on what is happening on campus. Updates were provided on academic policies that have been implemented in response to COVID-19. Vice Chancellor of Finance and Administrative Affairs Robin Van Harpen said that there is no plan to ask for additional furlough days beyond what has already been requested from UWM faculty and staff.

K. Dolan attended the Deans Council meeting on May 6th. Vice Chancellor Van Harpen shared that the estimated share of the state budget lapse for UWM in this fiscal year will be between $6-8 million.

K. Dolan attended the May 8th meeting of the Scenario Planning workgroup. The workgroup planned how to operate during the summer.

K. Dolan provided an update on a call that the Faculty Representatives had with UW System President Ray Cross held on May 8th. President Cross provided justification for the Blueprint for the UW System Beyond COVID-19, presented at last week’s Board of Regents meeting. President Cross said that the financial realities of the System during this time means that things need to start happening now, even before a new president is in place. At earliest, a new president will be in place in September. There has been widespread push back from all campuses about this, saying that decisions on course delivery should made at the campus level. Proposals for how to proceed will be formally considered at June BOR meeting. This represents a shift from local (campus-level) control to control by UW System, and is moving quickly.
K. Dolan attended the weekly meeting of the Crisis Management Team on May 11th. The team was updated on campus activities. Vice Chancellor for University Relations and Communications Tom Luljak reported that the Town Hall meetings with students and parents went well; 350 students attended the student Town Hall, while 300 parents attended the parent Town Hall. Another town hall is being planned for faculty and staff, as well as one for incoming students and parents.

K. Dolan reported that the Scenario Planning Leads subcommittee met this morning. Police Chief Joseph Lemire is the head of the Operations Team. Chief Lemire said that the team is currently mapping campus to determine space needs and capacity of each classroom, meeting room, and hall for fall, given social distancing needs. The team is also examining spaces not currently used as classrooms to see if they could be used as meeting space for fall. Considerations are being made for exit- and entry-only doors, space between buildings, mask stations, sanitation stations, and what a return to dorms could look like. Most rooms will be at 25-30% of normal capacity. Local ordinances in Milwaukee, Washington, and Waukesha counties may influence plans. Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Dev Venugopalan reported that department chairs are being surveyed to assess which classes need to be taught in person for accreditation and licensing purposes. The Scenario Planning Faculty and Staff Experience subcommittee also met. A survey of faculty and staff was discussed, asking about online course experience in spring, and opinions about fall course planning.

Chancellor Mark Mone attended. He provided an update on conversations about reopening, which will be discussed in an email that will be sent out to faculty and staff later today. Issues being considered include: safety of students, faculty and staff; tracking; testing; and our mission as an institution of higher learning. Chancellor Mone said we are focusing on higher quality online education, and opening realistically and safely. Compared to students attending other universities, a much larger proportion of our students have reported satisfaction with the courses they attended this spring.

UC Member John Reisel attended a meeting of the Honors College Advisory Committee. For fall, 190 students have already accepted, and 81 students are graduating this month (95 for the whole academic year).

UC Member Laura Otto-Salaj reported that the Affirmative Action in Faculty Employment Committee met on May 7th. Final touches are being put on a set of recommendations to be presented to Faculty Senate in fall. Also, this was L. Otto-Salaj’s last meeting, as she is retiring at the end of semester.

The committee unanimously re-elected Kathleen Dolan as chair for 2020-21.

UC meetings for summer are tentatively scheduled to occur weekly. The committee will reassess this schedule at the end of June.

Provost Johannes Britz will attend next week’s meeting.

May 5, 2020

UC Chair Kathleen Dolan reported on the Crisis Management Team weekly meeting. They are beginning to discuss plans for students’ return to campus.

K. Dolan reported that the Research Town Hall was held April 30th, led by Interim Vice Provost for Research Mark Harris. The purpose was to provide updates on recent policies that impact research.

K. Dolan participated in a meeting of academic and university staff governance leads with Chancellor Mark Mone, Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administrative Affairs Robin Van Harpen and Director of Executive Projects Sue Weslow. Furloughs were discussed.

K. Dolan attended a virtual meeting of the Faculty Representatives on May 1st . UW System President Ray Cross also attended. The search for UW System President has been paused. Finalists have been identified, but decisions are being made whether to interview them virtually, or wait until face-to-face interviews can be held. Current UW System President Ray Cross will remain in the position until a replacement is hired. All system campuses are implementing furloughs, but policies differ greatly between campuses. Decisions are being made on how to distribute funds from the Morgridge Family gift to UW System for purchasing technology and training of faculty for more robust online education. R. Cross stated that five conditions need to be met before campuses can be opened: testing, (contact) tracing, separating (social distancing), isolating, and protecting (safety). Purchases of supplies needed to achieve these conditions will be coordinated by UW System.

K. Dolan attended the Scenario Planning workgroup meeting. Executive Director of UWM Online Laura Pedrick discussed course preparation considering the guidelines for opening presented by the Governor’s Office: In Phase I, groups of up to 10 people can meet; Phase II allows for groups of up to 50 people; and in Phase III, groups larger than 50 can meet. It is currently unclear how quickly the state will proceed through each phase. There were also discussions of how safe individuals may feel with being on campus.

Provost Johannes Britz and Dean of the Graduate School Marija Gajdardziska-Josifovska attended the meeting.

Dean Gajdardziska-Josifovska presented an Interim Academic Leave of Absence policy for graduate students. The policy has been unanimously approved by the Graduate Faculty Committee. It stops the clock to degree, and would be administered by the Graduate School, working directly with the student’s program. Reasons for leave of absence are medical, parental, family, military, and personal.  This is an interim policy that will be brought to Faculty Senate within 120 days. The Graduate School would like to implement this as a pilot. The UC voted unanimously to approve the policy.

Provost Britz provided an update on applications for sabbatical leave relief. He provided assurance that UWM remains committed to considering requests for sabbatical leave. The Student Town Hall was held this morning, and the Parent Town Hall will be held tomorrow. Questions concerned financial aid, housing, seg fees, safety, online instruction and fees, the CARES Act funding, and connectivity issues and course access for students in rural areas. UWM will continue to invest in training of instructors in online education methods. Enrollment numbers are being closely monitored. There is discussion on how to make it possible for international students to attend. The Board of Regents is meeting this week, and again in June. They may ask for campuses to delay implementation of new programs.

UC Member Bettina Arnold said that the R1 workgroup continues to meet.

UC Member Laura Otto-Salaj reported that the Affirmative Action in Faculty Employment Committee will meet this Thursday.

UC Member Mark Schwartz reported that discussion at last week’s Graduate Faculty Committee meeting was focused on the Interim Academic Leave of Absence policy for graduate students. The policy was passed unanimously.

Secretary of the University Trudy Turner reported that elections for the Codification (Rules) Committee, chair of Codification (President Pro Tem), and the Senate Subcommittee for the Evaluation of Administrators (SSEA) will be held at Thursday’s virtual Faculty Senate meeting. Nominations will be accepted during the meeting. She strongly encourages eligible faculty to run for these committees.

UC Member Laura Otto-Salaj is retiring at the end of semester; next week will be her last meeting.

Chancellor Mark Mone will attend the next meeting.

April 28, 2020

UC Chair Kathleen Dolan reported on the Deans’ Council meeting. The Deans discussed the second wave of furloughs.  

K. Dolan reported that UW System President Ray Cross addressed the Faculty Representatives during their virtual meeting on Friday, April 24th . He shared that that System will do everything possible to assist campuses in preparing to go back to delivering face-to-face courses this fall, but this will be dependent on events in the next couple of months. Decisions on format will be made by July 10th. The 2 plus 2 raise is still in place, but may be taken back due to a likely mid-cycle budget cut to state agencies. It is unclear how to treat people who do not feel safe to return to campus in fall. John and Tashia Morgridge have provided a $2 million gift to UW System to support online education technology and training for instructors. UW System will waive SAT and ACT scores for next year (class of 2025).

K. Dolan reported on the Chancellor’s Expanded Cabinet meeting, held on Monday April 27th. Phase 2 furloughs were discussed; more reductions will be forthcoming. Department of Enrollment Management Interim Co-Chairs Kay Eilers provided an update on the distribution of funds from the CARES Act to students. Students need to have completed the FAFSA form in order to be eligible for funding.

K. Dolan met with Provost Johannes Britz this morning. He is organizing a meeting of all UWM department chairs prior to the end of semester, in order to provide an update on scenario planning for fall, academic policies, and enrollment status. They also discussed the sabbatical proposal.

K. Dolan met with Chancellor Mark Mone to discuss furloughs. HR is working on procedures for how to report furlough days.

Academic Staff Senate Chair Leigh Wallace attended. She reported that academic staff are concerned about furloughs and what may happen to positions that are impacted by summer furlough. ASC members are involved in scenario planning for fall 2020 and spring 2021.

UC Member Bettina Arnold reported that the R1 workgroup continues to meet. Their last meeting is May 29th, and she anticipates they will develop a document to bring to UC for consideration in June.

UC Member John Reisel reported that the Economic Benefits Committee met. Associate Vice Chancellor for Human Resources Tim Danielson provided and update on furloughs, and committee members elected a new chair for 2020-21.

UC Member Julia Snethen reported that the Rules Committee met and set the agenda for the upcoming Faculty Senate meeting.  

New Business:

An emergency policy to provide relief for COVID-19 disruption of sabbatical leave was discussed. There are three categories of individuals: those who experienced no disruption; those who were successful in some part of their sabbatical prior to disruption; and those who were unable to complete their work because of the travel ban, or other issues related to COVID-19. There will be a range of options for those affected.

Provost Britz assembled a COVID-19 scenario planning group, chaired by Letters and Science Dean Scott Gronert. Members include governance leads, plus representation of faculty, staff, and administration.  

Provost Britz will attend the next meeting.

April 21, 2020

UC Chair Kathleen Dolan reported she attended the Deans’ meeting last week. The Deans reported on status of their colleges. Department of Enrollment Management Interim Co-Leaders Dave Clark and Kay Eilers gave an update on enrollment for new and continuing students. Applications for Fall 2020 are down approximately 4%, but this is similar to enrollment trends for other UW system schools. K.Dolan also said that Governance representatives participated in a phone call with UW System President Ray Cross on Friday, April 17th, during which Cross discussed the approval of a furlough policy by the Board of Regents the previous day. President Cross indicated that the purpose of the policy was to minimize layoffs. K. Dolan observed that later that day, President Cross instituted furloughs for employees in the UW System offices.

K. Dolan reported that the Crisis Management Team (CMT) met Monday April 20th. The Travel ban has been extended to June 30th, with periodic reassessment of risk each month. All summer events on campus have been cancelled through July 31st. D. Clark and K. Eilers have converted new student orientations to online delivery, rather than face-to-face. At the CMT meeting, Vice Chancellor of Finance and Administrative Affairs Robin Van Harpen reported that all campuses have been asked to submit a plan on how the funding received from the CARES Act will be spent. This funding can be spent over the next calendar year. Vice Chancellor for University Relations and Communications Tom Luljak reported he is in the process of scheduling a Virtual Town Hall for students, and is also considering scheduling one for parents. Another faculty/staff Virtual Town Hall will be held sometime in May. D. Clark and K. Eilers surveyed students at UWM to find out more about how they perceive things are going with the conversion to online instruction. So far, over 900 responses have been received, with most students indicating that things are going relatively well.

K. Dolan reported that Chancellor Mark Mone called a meeting of the Chancellor’s Leadership Team, involving representatives from governance. Furloughs were discussed. There are two types of furloughs: “Across the board” furloughs (experienced by the majority of UWM employees), and position-specific furloughs. Campus is moving quickly on position-specific furloughs, which will affect employees who cannot work remotely and who are not considered ‘essential’ employees, or who work in areas in which significant revenue has been lost (e.g. kitchens), or who are not “mission-critical” employees. These employees will be identified as such by Deans or unit heads. Position-specific furloughs will last several months; no faculty will be included in these furloughs. A message will go out to campus today about this.

Provost Johannes Britz attended the meeting, along with Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Dev Venugopalan. They raised the issue of how sabbaticals have been affected for some on sabbatical for this semester or academic year, and stated a need to develop policy about disruption of work during the COVID-19 closures, and consideration of potentially extending some sabbaticals for a limited time given reasonable explanations for disruptions. UC discussed the need for faculty on sabbatical to have compelling reasons how their work has been affected by COVID-19. For example, need to provide child care may be more appropriate for an application for COVID-19 leave, rather than sabbatical extension. Different scenarios for how people might be affected, and how a policy could be applied fairly (e.g. those on sabbatical for the academic year vs. Spring semester) need to also be considered. D. Venugopalan stated that COVID-19 leave is available for all employees including faculty on sabbatical. There are 272 hours each employee can take between mid-March and May 2nd, and these hours are not counted against sick leave. UC will discuss this issue more next week.

Provost Britz reported that the Deans will meet tomorrow, along with many of the Associate Deans. They will engage in scenario planning for Fall 2020 and Spring 2021, regarding instruction and budgetary planning. Norris Health Center Executive Director Dr. Julie Bonner will unpack Governor Tony Evers’ plan for WI from a higher education perspective. They will also discuss the financial implications if students do not return in person for Fall 2020. Some discussion will be had on how to add value to our instructors for online teaching, by investing in pedagogy. Interim Vice Provost for Research Mark Harris will talk about planning on research and implications for Summer and Fall 2020. Provost Britz also said that the Deans will discuss how UWM will need to change recruitment efforts at least for Fall 2020 and perhaps Spring 2021. He stated there may be a need to waive residency requirements. An unanswered question is whether or not the new Federal freeze on immigration will impact international students.

UC Member Bettina Arnold reported that the R1 workgroup met last week. She predicted that she will have a product to distribute at an upcoming UC meeting.

UC Member Julia Snethen reported that the Rules Committee is meeting on April 23rd.

UC Member Mark Schwartz reported that the Graduate Faculty Committee (GFC) met on April 20th. GFC has been planning to develop a leave policy for graduate students. Given the events regarding COVID-19, GFC will be developing an emergency policy, which should be distributed to UC sometime after the middle of May.

Secretary of the University Trudy Turner reported that both the Academic Staff Senate and Faculty Senate have each had their first meeting using Microsoft Teams. She reported that both have gone as well as could be expected, with record attendance in the Faculty Senate meeting (117 people, and only one Senator missing). She pointed out the need to keep letting people know the rules and procedures before and during the meeting, so that attendees can communicate if they wish.

B. Arnold reported that there are cases at other universities where students are filing lawsuits to get some portion of tuition returned, and asked if there is any inking of that for UWM. K. Dolan says no, so far, and pointed out that most UWM courses have still been held, rather than canceled. But, she also said that if Fall 2020 is delivered online, more investment will need to be given to improve pedagogy, as most courses are not really online but, rather, are “distance” or “remote” learning (per Laura Pedrick). She will raise this with Provost Britz at their next one-on-one meeting.

M. Schwartz raised concerns about increases in our reliance on technology being at odds with stated administration desires to reduce spending, given the age of many of our computers and other resources needed for online classrooms. K. Dolan said she would also raise this concern in the appropriate venue.

Academic Staff Committee Chair Leigh Wallace will attend next week’s meeting.

April 14, 2020

UC Chair Kathleen Dolan reported having attended the Deans meeting last week. At that meeting, Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administrative Affairs Robin Van Harpen reported on the financial consequences of COVID-19 for campus. There was a $8-9 million shortfall before the closing. Refunds offered because of COVID-19 will total another $9 million. Some money will be available from system; half will go to students, and half to instruction. There is a request to the state for additional funding. It is not possible to model a situation in which instruction does not occur after the fall semester. The virtual Town Hall meeting is on Friday April 17th. Schools and colleges have been asked to model budget reduction scenarios. Interim Co-Leads for the Division of Enrollment Management Dave Clark and Kay Eilers presented on current applications and admissions for Fall 2020. Dean of the Graduate School Marija Gajdardziska-Josifovska reported that graduate (Masters-level) applications are up compared to this time last year, but enrollments and applications as a whole are down.

K. Dolan reported that the Crisis Management Team met on April 13th. The travel ban is extended through May 31st; the Travel group is discussing extending the ban.. Norris Health Center is considering restructuring their website to clarify the services provided.

Chancellor Mark Mone attended. Discussion was conducted in closed session.

UC Member John Reisel reported he scheduled an EBC meeting for later this month, to elect a new chair.

UC Member Julia Snethen reported SSEA met last week, and voted to accept reports for all remaining administrators whose reports had not yet been approved.

Secretary of the University Trudy Turner reported the Academic Senate is meeting virtually today, using Microsoft Teams. The Faculty Senate will meet using Microsoft Teams on Thursday April 16th at 2:30 pm. Instructions for what to expect and how voting will be conducted will be sent to Senators on Thursday morning.
New Business: The need to develop a strategy for conducting summer course evaluations was discussed.

There was discussion of procedures regarding responses by faculty to PTR letters issued by departmental Executive Committees.