April 4, 2023

Dean Peters of Engineering made a short appearance before the UC to consult about augmentation of a departmental executive committee. The UC felt the action was appropriate.

Interim Provost Gronert came to the UC and was asked to discuss two topics:

  • The 3/16 incident where a man was seen with a gun in the library: some people have communicated that they found the delay in communication about the incident concerning. It was not reported to the campus community for several days. Gronert agreed that communication should have been earlier.
  • The Washington County Taskforce which recommended merging the UWM Washington County campus with the Moraine Park Technical College. It seems the taskforce didn’t consult either party in their recommendation, but employees are understandably on edge since the State and UW System have pushed through major changes in recent memory with minimal consultation. Gronert affirmed that the employees are UWM employees and that UWM is not planning any changes in the status of the branch campuses.

Interim Dean Rothfels came to the UC with a request that campus reconsider P&P 5.1.3 on prior academic service. In the present reading, it rather inflexibly forces new hires to come up for tenure earlier than is desirable if they had prior faculty experience, even if the position had no research expectations. The UC may take up the matter. Rothfels also consulted the UC on whether Department-Like Bodies can be sunsetted if they don’t achieve their goal of becoming departments. Sec of U Reisel affirmed that there is nothing currently permitting such an action unless the executive committee requests dissolution.

In member reports:

  • The Freshwater Sciences Dean selection is now in the hands of the administration.
  • APBC didn’t meet during break and will be meeting later this week.
  • The LGBTQIA+ Chancellor’s advisory committee heard from students who reported instances where professors refused to use students’ preferred names and pronouns. The UC discussed how this situation could be addressed. On the one hand, students should be aware that they can report to Equity and Diversity Services, and that professors can be sanctioned for behavior against the UW Code of Conduct. On the other hand, professors should be informed that proper use of preferred names and pronouns is not optional.