April 11, 2023

UC Chair Schwartz reported that UW Faculty Reps were made aware of proposed revisions to System Policy 102 which governs new and revised programs, as well as a proposed new system-wide Provost council.

Boyland reported that the proposed SSEA revisions are set to go before Faculty Senate next week and that the SSEA is finalizing a set of draft questionnaires for administrator evaluation.

Chancellor Mone came to the UC and briefly discussed four topics:

  1. The Cardinal Stritch closure; UWM is looking at ways we can help their students.
  2. The Washington County task force on creating a community college out of Moraine Technical College and UWM-Washington County. He reiterated that neither UWM nor MTC has been substantively involved in these discussions, and that any recommendations coming out of the task force are purely advisory.
  3. UWM is working with the legislature to restore the Health Sciences building renovation project (in NWQ) to the capital budget.
  4. He is planning a campus town-hall on faculty wellness

The UC asked Mone about the March 16th Library incident (in which an individual was observed handling a gun). Given what happened, it is not clear that the administration knows how to handle reporting on such incidents to campus communities. He acknowledged that the communication was lacking. The UC also asked if he was aware of the bad experiences that came up at the Chancellor’s advisory committee on LGBTQ+ matters, in which students reported being misgendered by faculty. He agreed that we need stronger messaging making it clear that faculty have a responsibility to respect students’ pronouns and preferred names.