Feb 25, 2014

Before we met with Chancellor Lovell, we discussed UWM’s status as “The Underfunded Campus” and our support of a TA request to bring forward their own concerns about compensation. With the Chancellor, we discussed the need for new faculty in… Read More

Feb 18, 2014

We met with Provost Britz and discussed the budget model, the need to realign the budget around priorities, and the need to get salary equity as one of the priorities. The UC emphasized the need to include the necessary salary… Read More

Feb 11, 2014

We discussed Physical Plant issues with Greg Adams, Director of Facility Services. We began with issues of HVAC in Bolton Hall. He explained that renovation went through numerous separate projects, both major and small. The timing of some of the… Read More

Feb 4, 2014

Mark Harris (Interim Vice Provost for Research) visited, and we talked about the lack of movement on TA and PA support (there has been only a 1% increase in TA salaries due to budgetary constraints). We broke down the average… Read More