April 24, 2018

Interim dean Dave Clark attended the UC meeting to answer questions about the meta-major. Academic Staff Committee chair, Sue Cashin, attended to discuss academic staff contracts and titling related to the university colleges restructuring and the issue of College voting rights in non-teaching… Read More

April 17, 2018

Chair O’Connor provided updates on the UW-Colleges restructuring. It was reported that the post-tenure review was discussed at the dean’s meeting today and the importance of following the process was discussed. Divisional committees are clarifying the divisional committee role in the post-tenure review process.  Provost… Read More

April 10, 2018

Chair O’Connor just returned from a meeting today with UW-Waukesha faculty and are arranging a meeting with UW-Washington County faculty later this week to continue the discussion on governance and restructuring. Chancellor Mone attended the UC meeting and updates include… Read More

April 3, 2018

Chair O’Connor met with student leadership to share information about the College of General Studies (CGS) and will attend part of the Regent’s meeting this week. Provost Britz updated the UC on several topics related to the CGS, the upcoming Regents… Read More