September 28, 2021

UC Chair N. Rothfels attended the in-person Faculty Reps. meeting in Madison last Friday.  At the meeting an informative update was given by UW-System legislative liaisons, but Rothfels was surprised by unexpected resistance during discussion about the library book return… Read More

September 21, 2021

UC Chair N. Rothfels presented an additional modification of SAAP 10.12 (COVID), which extended the mask requirement through Nov. 26th, and it was unanimously approved.  He reported that the ITPC vacancy had been filled, the status of the UC ex-officio… Read More

September 14, 2021

UC Chair N. Rothfels reported that some additional membership changes to the Arts & Humanities Divisional Committee have occurred, due to several resignations.  He met with Assoc. VC for HR Tim Danielson and shared the UCs concerns about the Title… Read More

September 7, 2021

UC Chair N. Rothfels reported that Sandra Pucci (Linguistics) has been appointed to fill the vacancy on the Arts & Humanities Divisional Committee.  He will also serve as the UC rep to the Graduate Faculty Committee–though elimination of this ex… Read More