October 25

Today’s UC Meeting featured several visitors and discussions on topics that ranged from international pathways providers to extramural funding. In his chair’s report, John Reisel said that he met with the Chancellor who is putting together a group to advise… Read More

October 18

John Reisel focused his chair’s report on his meeting with the Provost. They discussed program discontinuance, workload policy, and putting together a task force on grading policy. From the Economic Benefits Committee, Swarnjit Arora reported that WEA Trust South Central… Read More

October 11

Chancellor Mone joined the UC today to discuss the Board of Regents meeting and budget issues. UW-System requested a $42.5 million increase, and the Chancellor is pushing for a larger percentage allocation of that request for UWM. The Governor continues to indicate… Read More

October 4, 2016

The UC meeting this week included a discussion with the Provost and reports from committee members. The Provost discussed the progress of the L&S Dean search. He is still taking names for committee membership, but has confirmed Dr. Jennifer Doering,… Read More