April 14, 2015

Distinguished Professor David Petering visited to express his concern about how the administration is handling the budget cuts issue. He feels the potential situation is more dire than is being communicated externally. When Robin Van Harpen and Johannes Britz arrived,… Read More

Apr 7, 2015

We discussed retirement offers that are spreading around the System. Mark Harris joined us to discuss policies and concerns about research at UWM. Putting the RGI, Research Committee Awards and Arts&Humanities Travel Grants on hiatus is being considered, and we… Read More

Feb 17, 2015

We discussed the upcoming Faculty Senate meeting, and various resolutions that are currently in play. We noted that there will be three Regents at the meeting: Pruitt, Vasquez and Farrow. Chancellor Mone, Vice Chancellor Luljack, and Provost Britz arrived and… Read More

Feb 18, 2014

We met with Provost Britz and discussed the budget model, the need to realign the budget around priorities, and the need to get salary equity as one of the priorities. The UC emphasized the need to include the necessary salary… Read More