September 10, 2019

UC Chair Kathleen Dolan reported that she had her first one-to-one meeting with the Provost. The Provost stressed that this is the year to engage faculty in student retention by highlighting high impact practices.

K. Dolan reported that all faculty standing committee vacancies have been filled.

Chancellor Mark Mone attended the meeting. He reported that there will be a celebration at the Panther Arena on Thursday, marking the end of the very successful funding campaign. Funds raised will be used primarily for student scholarships and advancement of research. Some portion of the funds will be used for partnerships and community engagement. All the speakers at the event will be members of the campaign cabinet.

Chancellor Mone described highlights that will be presented in the September, 2019 Plenary, including UWM’s continuing R1 status, undergraduate research engagement and the successful fund-raising campaign. He will also address challenges resulting from the drop in enrollment. He will address the campus plan to deal with the drop including programmatic innovations and rebranding. He will stress the vital role faculty have in this process.

UC Member Julia Snethen reported that the Space committee meeting had been cancelled. The Rules committee met and set the Faculty Senate agenda. Rules suggested that the UC formally invite Ray Cross to attend a Senate meeting.

UC Member John Reisel reported that the Behavior and Facilities working group is developing an access and use policy.  They intend to produce a pamphlet explaining the already existing policies, and plan to suggest additional training for building chairs. J. Reisel also attended the PAC meeting. SAAP S-47 will be on the Senate agenda as Automatic Consent. The MAGE (Male Advocacy for Gender Equality) group also met.

UC Member Tina Freiburger reported that the APBC will meet this week.

September 3, 2019

UC Chair Kathleen Dolan reported 14 of 19 committee vacancies are filled. Remaining vacancies were discussed. K. Dolan attended the Academic Leadership Council meeting; discussed there was a future redesign of school websites, and IT security and the new Multi-Factor Authentication process. Questions were raised by the committee about ease of use when faculty are traveling abroad. K. Dolan will follow up with B. Beck.

Provost Johannes Britz attended the meeting. He reported enrollment is down 3.8%, although has bounced back somewhat from last week. Numbers are down for international students, for returning students, and for CGS; graduate student enrollment is flat. UW-Madison’s PROMISE program may also have affected our numbers. These numbers will be closely monitored.

Provost Britz suggested that Associate Vice Chancellor Dev Venugopalan be invited to a future UC meeting to discuss the HLC report. UWM met all accreditation criteria. During the next cycle the university will concentrate on quality initiatives that involve high impact practices to engage faculty in student retention.

The Faculty Mentoring Program will continue under the supervision of J. Reisel. Reisel said that several new faculty have been assigned faculty mentors. He is soliciting the rest to see if they are interested in participating. An event will be hosted next Friday, with the Provost and K. Dolan attending.

Provost Britz will visit CGS on Friday. Topics to be discussed include linkages with main campus, how bridges can be built between the Waukesha and Washington County campuses, and potential 4-year programs in nursing and engineering.

Tony Evers was at Freshwater Sciences on Friday. There will be more discussion of funding for water-based initiatives next week.

The Provost will work this year to link Deans, Associate Deans and department Chairs together to find ways to engage faculty in retention activities. The Provost will be meeting with eight chairs at a time. There will also be discussion of student transfers, especially from MATC.

This year, the Provost plans to link Associate Deans, Deans, and Department Chairs, to work on ways to enhance faculty engagement with recruitment, enrollment and retention; he envisions a Year of Action for faculty. Topics of discussion will include enhancement of transfers, and identifying high impact practices for recruitment, enrollment, and retention.
The search committee for the Dean of the Helen Bader School of Social Welfare has been determined, and will meet this week to begin the search process.

K. Dolan will meet with the four new Deans tomorrow, to discuss shared governance.

UC Member Tina Freiburger reported that the Academic Planning and Budget Committee (APBC) is starting the budget model process for the next biennium, beginning with step 1 (how much money is in each bucket). Questions to be resolved include: How will it be handled if a school or college is contributing more, but has a decline in enrollment? How will it be handled if a school or college has not had a decline in enrollment?

UC Member Laura Otto-Salaj announced that she will be retiring in the beginning of January. A special election will be held to fill the remainder of her term (January-August 2020).

August 27, 2019

UC Chair Kathleen Dolan reported that she and Secretary of the University Trudy Turner attended the Chancellor’s Expanded Cabinet meeting this week, and summarized highlights of the meeting. Provost Johannes Britz invited K. Dolan to a meeting with all the Deans and Associate Deans, to discuss priorities for the coming year. This year, the Provost’s office will emphasize the important role faculty play in student success, retention, and recruitment. Vice Chancellor of Global Inclusion and Engagement Joan Prince noted that she coordinates the Free Speech forum and will be announcing topics and speakers soon. Chief Enrollment Officer Katie Miota reported that enrollments are down campus-wide; there have been a record number of applications and admits, but lower yield. UW-Madison and UW-LaCrosse are UWM’s main competitors. The Freshwater Collaborative is still in the proposal phase. Governor Evers is coming to campus on Thursday to tour the School of Freshwater Sciences and discuss the Freshwater Collaborative. Vice Chancellor of Finance and Administrative Affairs Robin Van Harpen discussed changes in how enrollment will affect budgeting in future years.

K. Dolan also met with Chancellor Mark Mone, who emphasized the message that faculty are an underutilized resource for recruiting and retention, and are important leaders in governance. He will emphasize the importance of faculty and staff governance in his fall plenary speech. K. Dolan will be encouraging increased faculty participation in governance and service, by speaking this week with newly hired faculty, and newly tenured faculty (with UC Member John Reisel). She is also planning to attend the Chairs and Directors meetings to discuss governance with faculty in the Schools and Colleges. K. Dolan and T. Turner will attend an orientation for new Deans and Associate Deans on September 4th to discuss shared governance.

UC Member Bettina Arnold reported that the Helen Bader School of Social Welfare Dean Search and Screen Committee will meet for the first time next week.

UC Member John Reisel reported that the Provost’s weekly update was a bit confusing this week in that names of new Instructional Academic Staff and Faculty were combined. He confirmed that there are 22 new faculty on campus. The Faculty Mentoring Program will reach out to new faculty.

UC Member Mark Schwartz reported that he met with the PROFS (UW-Madison) lobbyist. The PROFS organization is enthusiastic in helping support MORFS at UWM.

College of Health Sciences Dean Timothy Behrens requested an extension for the Executive Committee augmentation of the Department of Health Informatics for 2019-20 by Roger Smith. The Committee approved this request by consensus.

The Committee worked to fill vacancies on the following committees: APBC, APCC, AAFEC, Codification, Divisional, Faculty Senate, GFC, Graduate Review, Graduate Fellowship, Honorary Degrees, International, Library, PEC, and Undergraduate Program Review. K. Dolan will contact the suggested individuals. The UC also provided recommendations for individuals appointed by the Chancellor to the ITPC.

The Provost will meet with us next week.

August 20, 2019

The UC welcomes new Members Tina Freiburger and Julia Snethen; their terms officially began this week.

The regular schedule for the coming year includes a monthly meeting with the Chancellor, twice monthly meetings with the Provost and monthly meeting with the Chair of the Academic Staff Committee, Leigh Wallace. The Provost attends on the first and third Tuesday of the month, the Chancellor on the second Tuesday, and the AS Chair on the fourth Tuesday.

UC Chair Kathleen Dolan is working with outgoing Chair Kris O’Connor to fill remaining standing committee vacancies. Assignments were made for UC Members to represent the UC on various university standing committees. John Reisel will continue on the Policy Advisory Committee. Mark Schwartz was elected to the Graduate Faculty Committee so will continue to represent the UC on that committee. T. Freiburger will serve on the Academic Planning and Budget Committee. Laura Otto-Salaj will continue to serve on the Affirmative Action in Faculty Employment Committee. Bettina Arnold will serve on the Search Committee for the Dean of Social Welfare. J. Snethen will serve on the campus Space Planning Committee.

K. Dolan suggested there is a need to remind faculty of the need for participation in faculty governance, so will send an email to the faculty encouraging them to volunteer for committee service. K. Dolan will also attend the UWM Mentoring Program’s reception for newly tenured faculty on Friday, September 13th, and will encourage them to participate in faculty governance. K. Dolan, Trudy Turner, and Dev Venugopalan will be meeting with the four new Deans (Lubar, SARUP, CHS, CGS) on September 4th, and will invite each of them to attend a future UC meeting. Dean of Students Adam Jussel will also be invited to attend a future UC meeting.

M. Schwartz provided an update on MORFS. Last week, he spoke with Jack O’Meara from UW-Madison’s PROFS about budgeting for lobbying.

August 13, 2019

UC Chair Kris O’Connor reported he met with the Chancellor last week. O’Connor made several faculty appointments to committees. He is also working on the annual report.

Chancellor Mark Mone reported that the Board of Regents proposed and passed performance- and outcomes-based funding for the budget, rather than capacity-building that was proposed by campus. UW System has responded by putting together block grants for capacity-building. All UW System capital projects, such as the Chemistry building for UWM campus, are under careful scrutiny. The chemistry building is the largest capital project ever funded in the UW System. Campus will hire a project manager to oversee all capital projects on campus, including the Chemistry building, Klotsche Center annex, and the Union.

Chancellor Mone also gave a preview of his plenary, to be held on September 19th. The Chancellor will update the campus on strategic directions and the best way to move forward with initiatives.

Following the last Board of Regents meeting, there was a discussion of continued funding for integration of the 2-year campuses.

UC Member Mark Schwartz presented several documents that have been developed, associated with the new faculty organization MORFS (Milwaukee Organization Representing the Faculty Senate). Academic year 2019-20 was approved in May by Faculty Senate as a period during which faculty interest in membership would be explored. Issues discussed include: the need to develop concrete descriptions of how this organization will benefit faculty, the relationship of MORFS to UW-Madison’s PROFS and a potential MOU with PROFS, specific outcomes that could be addressed by MORFS, and the need for a marketing plan.  If approved in this form, the UC would serve as a conduit for membership in MORFS.

As this was the last meeting of the 2018-19 year, the UC thanks outgoing UC Chair Kristian O’Connor and UC Member Devendra Misra for their service to the university.

July 30, 2019

UC Chair Kris O’Connor is making progress in finding individuals to serve on governance committees. He will be working on Divisional Committees, the FAGC and the FRRC this coming week. The Provost will have a retreat for new Deans on August 19 and 20 and a retreat for Department Chairs on August 20 and 21. Incoming UC Chair Kathy Dolan will have an introductory meeting with the new Deans in September. PSOA Dean Scott Emmons reported that Professor Ray Fleming will be the Chair in the Department of Art and Design.

The Chancellor reported that there will be additional base funding for integration of the two-year colleges. He also reported that UWM is working with an architectural firm to produce plans for the engineering building.

School of Education Dean Alan Shoho discussed augmenting the Executive Committee of the Department of Administrative Leadership.

UC Member Mark Schwartz reported on progress in establishing MORFS. He will meet with a member of Legal Affairs to discuss various issues.

The committee continued reviewing the PTR policy. The committee discussed the relationship of the Deans, the faculty member and the Executive Committee in the formulating the remediation plan. The document will be sent to the Codification Committee.

UC Member John Reisel will attend the Codification Committee to discuss changes to P and P 4.05 (2)(C).

July 9, 2019

UC Chair Kris O’Connor reported on standing committees for the upcoming year. Names were generated to potentially fill vacancies on APBC, FAGC, FRRC, and the Divisional Committees.

The Deans of the Lubar School of Business, College of General Studies, and College of Health Sciences will be invited to attend a future UC meeting and discuss faculty governance.

UC Chair O’Connor attended the Budget Model Support Team meeting. Discussed at the meeting were: budget model formula and anticipation of future funding, and a comparison of schools and colleges; the marginal tuition model; and the level of improvement needed to result in increases for future budgets. Tine Freiburger will be the UC rep to the APBC next year.

UC Member Mark Schwartz requested that UC consider ways in which connections can be made between MORFS and departments.

The Committee considered proposed edits to Post-tenure review policy (UWM Doc. 3083). Changes still need to be made to clarify timelines. Once UC is finished editing the document, it will be forwarded to Faculty Senate for consideration.

June 25, 2019

ASC Chair Kristin Roosevelt attended and introduced Leigh Wallace, incoming ASC Chair. ASC continues to appoint academic staff to standing committees (e.g. Chancellor’s Care and Respect of Expression Task Force). The ASC conducted a survey of AS subcommittees in anticipation of a restructuring over the summer. Some will be eliminated. All subcommittees will now have bylaws. Roosevelt has heard from some colleges regarding development of their own workload policies – some are starting on this in fall, others are working on this over the summer. UC Chair O’Connor and UC Incoming Chair Dolan will attend an ASC meeting this summer.

UC Chair Kris O’Connor reported that the Chancellor’s Extended Cabinet met yesterday. A gift of $1.25M was announced from Microsoft for CSI. The State budget should be approved shortly, for consideration by the Evers administration. Enrollments are down campus-wide. The July Board of Regents meeting will have a special session for campuses that took in the 2 year colleges.

Three people will augment the department of Industrial and Mechanical Engineering. Rules Committee is now full; SSEA Committee still needs members. The Chancellor’s Care and Respect Task Force has been filled. Glen Williams will chair the Art and Design department this summer. Chair O’Connor has met with representatives of the School of Education.

UC Member John Reisel reported that the Strategic Enrollment Management Modeling team met to discuss the future of the committee. The Inappropriate Behaviors in our Facilities by Members of the Public workgroup was developed and met, charged with bringing together existing resources for how to handle issues as they arise.

Post Tenure Review Policy is being revised to clarify who is in control of the remediation process, and the role of the departmental Executive Committee in giving input.

The University Committee welcomes Tina Freiburger to the UC. She will officially start on the committee in August.

June 4, 2019

UC Chair Kris O’Connor reported that the Chancellor’s Expanded Cabinet met. Topics discussed included the Board of Regents meeting, to be held on our campus later this week, and UWM enrollment status. Positions on the Rules and SSEA Committees still need to be filled for 2019-20.

UC discussed voting rights that were mistakenly granted to a nonacademic staffperson in CHS, and which contradict UWM Policies and Procedures.

Possible changes and clarifications to the post-tenure review policy were discussed.

May 14, 2019

UC Chair Kris O’Connor attended the Faculty Reps meeting last week. Leave reporting processes were discussed. UW System President Ray Cross attended and participated in a discussion about the UW-Whitewater Chancellor search. The Program Monitoring Policy is still being developed and will be circulated in fall. President Cross is still pushing to fund the pay plan. President Cross has been discussing with the legislature the impact of transfer of technical college credits to UW System schools. An ad hoc committee on building safety is being developed; John Reisel will represent UC on this committee.

Chancellor Mark Mone attended, and discussed the upcoming Board of Regents meeting on campus in June; there should be much discussion about the budget. Requests for the UWM campus have gone through a rigorous vetting process over a period of time, and are supported by the BOR. There is a list of priorities regarding capital projects, and the UWM Chemistry building is at the top of the list.

Chancellor Mone and campus representatives have been working with major supporters to lobby legislators and promote the campus; this appears to be working well. The Chancellor has asked UW System for a meeting of all campuses involved in the System restructuring, to discuss a request for more time and more funding.

UC Member Bettina Arnold reported that APBC is meeting once more this academic year, later this week.

UC Member Laura Otto-Salaj reported that visits by the candidates for the CGS Dean position wrap up this week.

UC Member John Reisel reported that Economic Benefits also meets later this week.

UC Member Mark Schwartz reported that an external candidate for Library Director has withdrawn from the search.