May 23, 2023

Provost Gronert spoke at APBC last week. Graduate enrollments are up, especially in Engineering and Business with international students. It’s not clear what the situation is for undergraduate students. Regarding UW System President Rothman’s rule to disallow mandatory DEI statements in hiring, we should see little effect at UWM, since this was not a common practice.

Panther Arena was filled for both Spring graduation ceremonies. UWM continues to have a steady number of graduates, and increased participation at commencement.

In his comments, ASC Chair Priem said the Academic Staff Council is waiting for a Pay Progression Plan, which is still being worked on by the administration. The Academic Staff Orientation Committee is being reorganized to be more accountable. Susan Stalewski was elected as ASC Chair for the next academic year.

The UC will meet next on August 15th, unless there is a matter of urgency.

Dolan identified two faculty who are willing to serve as senators in the next year.

AVC Van Harpen visited to discuss a proposed policy on expectations for non-affiliated individuals on campus. UC members noted that a section on minors in the draft policy would make it more difficult to welcome minors on campus at various events. It was agreed to temporarily put into practice the expectations, while omitting any particular restrictions on minors.