May 2, 2023

Provost Gronert reported on three topics:

  • Prof. Rebecca Klaper has been named the Dean of the School of Freshwater Sciences
  • A “Washington County Working Group” will be appointed to examine the recently published “Washington County Task Force” report which recommended merging Moraine Park Technical College and UWM Washington County. The group, led by Prof. Jason Puskar, with representation from CGS and UWM administration, is being asked to see what positive ideas can be gleaned from the report.
  • The testing center now provides a six-day turnaround on grading requests. The center may be moved to a new home in Academic Affairs.

In member reports:

  • Schwartz reported that after some internal discussion, employees who front the cost for paying restaurant meals for interviewed candidates will no longer have tax liability as a consequence of their costs being reimbursed.
  • The Policy Advisory Committee met and recommended three SAAPs be revised, including one proposed to state that students would need permission to add courses after the first five days of instruction.

The UC intends to meet during summer only as expressly needed.