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UWM Employee Excellence Awards Ceremony:

Each October the Fall Awards ceremony honors faculty and staff who have made, or continue to make valuable contributions to our university.

Please contact the following for further nomination information for Fall Awards:

Faculty Awards: Faculty Awards and Recognition Committee

Academic Staff Awards: Academic Staff Awards Committee

University Staff Awards: University Staff Awards Committee

Ernest Spaights Plaza Awards: Honorary Degrees Committee

Graduate School Research Awards: Ana R. Gonzalez  (414) 229-5218 or anagamez@uwm.edu

Joanne Lazirko Award for Innovative Use of Learning Technologies:
Diane Reddy- 414-229-6432 or reddy@uwm.edu

Criteria to Establish New Awards for Fall Awards Ceremony

To propose a new award be recognized at the annual fall awards ceremony, review the criteria and process.  Proposals will be reviewed by one or more of the three University governance committee, depending on the type of award and intended employee group(s).


Additional Honors/Commencement related activities:

Graduating with an honors degree from the Honors CollegeHonors College Information

Honors Requirements

Please contact your dean’s office to inquire about commencement honors/ commencement -related activities that might be planned by your specific school or college.