Commencement: May 19th, 2024 at 9:00 am and 2:00 pm

**PLEASE NOTE: The RSVP link is only to be used to RSVP for the commencement ceremony. Students MUST still apply for graduation in PAWS.** 

Each eligible graduate MUST APPLY FOR GRADUATION BY 4/2/2024 in order to obtain tickets for their guests to attend the commencement ceremony at the UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena. If the graduate misses the deadline, they may be unable to download tickets. Each graduate will be able to claim up to 6 tickets if applied for graduation by 4/2/2024.

Extra tickets, if available, will be made available to students to download after 5/6/24.

*Students that miss the deadline will be able to attend the ceremony however, they may be unable to obtain tickets for their guests*

PHD STUDENTS please RSVP as well to the ceremony along with applying for graduation. Your escort when you RSVP is a faculty member. RSVP deadline for PHD students is 5/3/2024