Statement on Format of Governance Meetings for Fall 2021 Semester

As UWM returns to pre-pandemic operations in the Fall 2021 semester, governance committees will need to determine a suitable format for meetings.  This determination should take into consideration the needs and preferences of all committee members, as well as weighing the benefits of either an in-person meeting or a virtual meeting.

It is expected that many faculty and staff will be working on campus regularly in the Fall 2021 semester; such faculty and staff may prefer to meet in person.  It is also recognized that some faculty and staff may be uncomfortable with attending in-person meetings.  Furthermore there is an ongoing issue of expecting faculty and staff working in facilities away from the main campus to come to the main campus for a meeting.

With these thoughts in mind, it is the recommendation of the Secretary of the University that committees plan to hold in-person meetings in the Fall 2021 semester, but be willing to accommodate remote participation by committee members who prefer to participate virtually.  If a committee instead chooses to meet completely virtually, that committee needs to remember to follow all open meeting laws, particularly with regards to noticing and record keeping.