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The University Staff Senate and University Staff Committee(s) are the representative bodies of the University staff at UWM.  They represent all staff employees regardless of appointment type (permanent, project or limited term) proportionately by employment distribution category.  There are over 1100 University Staff employees at UWM.

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Would you like to be a University Staff Senator?  Would you like to be on a University Staff Standing Committee?  We still have a few openings left!  You could run for office!  We are having a special election to be held for the 2019-2020 school year.  University Staff Preference sheets are here!

Use the link below to fill out the preference sheet and let us know on what committee you would like to serve.

University Staff Special Election Preference Sheet August 2019

This will get your name on the ballot in September!  Act fast!  Deadline is August 30, 2019

Make a difference on campus by letting your voice be heard.   Invite friends and co-workers to also sign up for a committee.  All University Staff are welcome to serve on a committee.  We look forward to hearing from you!

If you have any difficulty with the survey please contact Louisa Eastman at, chair of the University Staff Nominations Committee.


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