Selected Academic and Administrative Policies (SAAPs)

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0-0 SAAP Template

0-1. UWM Policy on the Creation of Selected Academic & Administrative Policies (SAAPs) (formerly S-42.5)

Section 1: Academic Policies and Procedures

Section 2: Administrative Officials

Section 3: Alcohol Beverages

Section 4: Contracts

Section 5: Discrimination Prohibited

Section 6: Facilities

Section 7: Faculty, Academic Staff, University Staff, and Teaching Assistants

Section 8: Fiscal Policy and Procedures

Section 9: Gifts, Bequests, Art, and Fundraising

Section 10: Health and Safety

Section 11: Information Systems and Technology

Section 12: Intellectual Property
12-1.   Copyrights (formerly S-14)

Section 13: Records

Section 14: Research

Section 15: Students