SURF Application Deadline for Spring Funding: December 1st, 2021

Research Mentors need to initiate the application. Students should not click the link above. Students will be invited to collaborate on the application by their mentors.

Application Preview (opens new tab)

  1. Please review step-by step instructions, with screen-shots, on how to navigate our SM-Apply SURF application.
  2. Applications must be initiated by the Research Mentor.
  3. People using the Focused/Other or Clutter boxes in their Outlook may find some of our confirmation emails going to their Clutter/Other boxes. You can make adjustments to those boxes. Outlook Help page for Focused Inbox
  4. Mentors wishing to work with multiple students must complete a separate application with each student. They should return to the Apply page and start a new application.
  5. Research Mentors and Student Collaborators should login to the application with their UWM authentication.
  6. The Student Collaborator can begin work on their SURF- Student Information Form as soon as they have received their invitation email. Note: Students should look for an email from SM-Apply, not their faculty mentor. They should also check their Clutter box for the email.
  7. The system will save applications when you click on the save button at the bottom of each page, allowing you to return to your application in multiple sessions.
  8. Once the Mentor and Collaborator applications are complete, the Mentor will receive an email requesting that the Mentor login again and finalize the submission.
  9. If you have questions about creating a SM Apply account, please review the SM Apply FAQ

If you experience any issues with your SM-Apply application that are not addressed in the instructions above, please contact Jessica Schuld ( or 414-251-5515).