The Observer Effect and Individual Tax Reporting Aggressiveness

This study examines whether the observer effect—namely the presence of watching eyes—mitigates taxpayers’ reporting aggressiveness, thereby narrowing the U.S. income tax gap. To address our research question, we conduct a 1x4 experiment in which participants are tasked with simulating the electronic filing of a simplified tax return. The taxpayers are informed that they have earned two classes of income during the year, salary income—which is reported to them, and to the IRS, on Form W-2—and cash tips—which are not subject to such reporting.

Bilingual User Experience Research with Cuentos de Confianza

Cuentos de Confianza is a bilingual, public humanities project that is informed by theories and methods in feminist ethnography, the rhetoric of health and medicine, reproductive justice, and community literacy studies. It creates space for promotores de salud (Latinx health promoters) to share their stories about working with sexual and reproductive health. It also is a space for reflecting on how their life experiences have impacted their understanding of reproductive justice. The website was created to share the promotores’ stories with community members, other promotores, and people interested in advancing reproductive justice and Latinx community health. This research will focus on qualitative methods to investigate the bilingual user experiences of accessing the various parts of the website and engaging with it for community programming. It will draw from the field of Technical Communication to examine how different users engage the content in Spanish and English across the website.

Study of Active vs Passive Investment Returns

The project goal is to contribute an academic paper that studies the differences in investment returns between actively managed strategies in a separately managed account program vs. an ETF or Mutual Fund and reaches a conclusion regarding how each investment wrapper affects the return received by the account holders.