Digital Technologies in Traditional Craft

Digital Technologies in Traditional Craft is a continuation of my current research that explores the integration of traditional craft practices with new technologies such as 3d printing, laser cutting, and various other CNC methods. In particular, I intend to focus on CNC milling as a process to complement the design aesthetics, workflow and techniques used in my blacksmithing and metalsmithing practice. I plan to create a series of computer-aided designs that will be outputted through CNC machining methods to develop decorative surfaces, tooling and dies. These materials will further assist in the creation of objects not easily achievable by traditional means. This research will serve as the foundation for a new body of work.

Examining the Relationships Between Substance Use Disorders With Human Sex Trafficking and Covid-19: Literature Reviews to Identify Knowledge Gaps

The research is to examine, using literature review methods, the relationships between 1) substance use disorders and human sex trafficking/sex work, and 2) substance use disorders and COVID-19 diagnosis and outcomes. Both will also take into consideration co-variates such as age, race, gender, mental health disorders, and reproductive/sexual health. Themes, trends, and gaps in the literature will be highlighted.

A Biography of Lester Maitland, Pioneer Wisconsin Aviator

Born in Milwaukee, Lester Maitland was the first person to fly nonstop to Hawaii, an achievement that was overshadowed by Lindbergh's flight to Europe at roughly the same time. He later gave up flying to become a priest. Much of the historical detail about his life is located in primary source material that I've gathered, but which needs review, evaluation, and summary.