New Fall Internship Opportunities for Students

The NMDSI, in partnership with hiring managers in the Core Data and Analytics department at Northwestern Mutual, is excited to announce new internship openings for the Fall 2021 semester! These are exclusive internship opportunities available to undergraduate and graduate students… Read More

UW System Symposium

The Nineteenth Annual UW System Symposium took place on Wednesday, April 28th. Congratulations to the 15 UWM students who took part in this event! You can view student presentations until May 11, 2021 by clicking the image below to take… Read More


TEDxUWMilwaukee is thrilled to announce our virtual spring conference series “Our City. Our Story,” which will be taking place on April 24th, April 27th, and May 8th. We would love to have any interested students attend this year’s conference series. Our event… Read More