Outstanding Presentation Awards at UWM Undergraduate Research Symposium

Congratulations to all of the over 250 student presenters at this year’s UWM Undergraduate Research Symposium. The following student presenters were awarded Outstanding Presentation Awards at the event:

Bo Malames, Mentor: Krista Lisdahl, Psychology. “Neighborhood Threat on Academic Achievement in Adolescents.”

Jillian Cervantes, Mentor: Pamela Harris, Mathematical Sciences. “On the Domination Number for a Family of Semiregular Tiling Graphs.”

Florin Saitis, Mentor: Blake Hill, Medical College of Wisconsin Cancer Center. “Inhibition of Mitochondrial Fission and Its Effect on Pancreatic Cancer.”

Jaskirat Sidhu & Kryssi Morales, Mentor: Jing Yang, Communication Sciences & Disorders. “Spoken Vowel Productions in Children with Cochlear Implants and Normal Hearing.”

Gabrielle Hildebrand, Mentor: Raymond Fleming, Psychology. “Effects of Residual Arousal on Cognitive Appraisal and Psychophysiological Reactivity to Stress.”

Sage DeLong, Mentor: Rafael Rodriguez Sevilla, Biological Sciences. “How Do Vibrational Signals Differ When Red Milkweed Beetles Interact during Contests and Copulation?”

Jessica Kania, Mentor: Caitlin Bowman, Psychology. “Does Previewing Overlapping Information Aid the Formation of Indirect Associations?”

Dhivyashree Senthil Murugan, Mentor: Xiaohua Peng, Chemistry & Biochemistry. “The Effect of Indomethacin on the Cytotoxicity of Phenylboronic Acid Nitrogen Mustards in Triple Negative Breast Cancer.”

Alexia Castillo, Mentor: Huizi Chen, Medical College of Wisconsin Cancer Center. “The Crucial Role of Arginase 2: Unveiling its Functional Impact on SCLC Tumor Cells.”

Sean Gibbs, Mentor: Laodong Guo, Freshwater Sciences. “Photochemical Degradation of Disposable Face Masks and Polypropylene in Aquatic Environments.”

Alex Nelson, Mentor: Joshua Gwon, Nursing. “Perspectives on E-Cigarette Cessation among Young Adults Residing in Rural Areas.”

Rachel Stewart, Mentor: Shannon Freire, Anthropology. “After Excavation: Public Access & Data Management at the Milwaukee County Poor Farm Cemetery.”

Jenna Van Hoogstraten, Mentor: Pradeep Rohatgi, Materials Engineering. “The Effect of Cooling Rate on the Microstructure and Physical Properties of Hypereutectic Al-Ce Alloys.”

Tannis Thompson-Catlett, Mentor: Arijit Sen, Architecture. “Creating a Scope for Focus for an Exploration of Food Justice.”

Kaitlyn Rhyner, Mentor: Erica Young, Biological Sciences. “Influence of Host Nectar in Sarracenia purpurea on its Microbiome.”

Anna Sniadach, Mentor: Charles Paradis, Geosciences. “Assessing Methods for Analyzing Total Dissolved Solids: Looking into Water Samples from the Root River in Racine County, WI.”

Seth Krebs, Mentor: Woo Jin Chang, Mechanical Engineering. “Detection and Removal of Lead from Water Using Nanocomposite Film Electrode”.

Madeline Cawkins, Mentor: Joseph Mougel, Art & Design. ““Paleosolotype: Imaging Soil through Chromatography.”

Rachel Kuehn, Mentor: Karyn Frick, Psychology. ““Effects of Inhibiting Proteasome Activity on the Memory-Enhancing Effects of 17𝛽-Estradiol in Ovariectomized Female Mice.”

Abdullah Rauf, Mentor: David Frick, Chemistry & Biochemistry. “A New Assay to Monitor the Ability of a Tuberculosis Enzyme to Convert a Stress Signal to Energy.”

Fridarose Hamad, Mentor: Linnea Laestadius. ““Lessons from the Midwest Youth Wellness Initiative on Technology.”

Angel Xavier, Mentor: Benjamin Trager, Education Policy & Community Studies. “Bridge Parsons’s Role in Community-University Partnerships and Community-Based Participatory Research (CBPR).”

Naomi Raicu, Mentor: Ionel Popa, Physics. “Constructing a Fluorescence-Based Technique to Model Protein Unfolding.”