The Office of Undergraduate Research is again offering a new one-credit seminar, “Students Exploring Equity at UWM” (or SEE UWM), Experiential Learning, L&S SS 100. While open to any student, a goal of this course is to provide specific support for BIPOC students (Black, Indigenous and/or people of color) at UWM.

SEE UWM will investigate and reflect on questions like, “What is the experience of education for BIPOC students at a predominantly white institution (PWI)? What does “diversity” look like at UWM? How does it impact one’s ability to explore educational goals, civic identity, and possible career paths? What opportunities for professional growth and networking are available at UWM? What does “success” look like? How have other students, faculty, and staff of color navigated the university, and what advice do they have to share? This course will also explore programs at UWM dedicated to helping BIPOC students achieve success, and provide opportunities to reflect on academic experiences and make plans to include high impact practices in the future.

For more information, contact Tamara McKinney