Meet the Researchers Episode 1: Unfolding the Mystery

UWM Undergrad Research: Marie, Education and Psychology major

Why Research Matters: Miranda’s Story | Nervous System Engineers

Klaudia Rixmann

Learn about Undergraduate Research at UWM

If you are an undergraduate at UWM and want to get involved in faculty research, we have developed this video to help you with your first steps. Watch the video and get in touch with us with any questions.

Anne Barlas

Anne, a 2017 mechanical engineering graduate, did research as an undergrad on ways to combat phosphorus pollution in the Great Lakes.

Erin Whitney

Erin Whitney is a UWM Student Artist in Residence at Chai Point Senior Living in Milwaukee. Erin lives at the senior living center and spends her days creating art and building relationships with her elderly housemates. The Student Artist in Residence program is the brainchild of UWM Professor Anne Basting, a 2016 MacArthur genius.

Tyler Raphael

Tyler Raphael talks about his work with Professor John Berges developing a mathematical model for phytoplankton cell death.

Angelica Sanchez

Angelica Sanchez (Conservation and Environmental Science) talks about undergraduate research in which she took part on soil productivity in Kenya.

Lily Chapman

Lily Chapman talks about studying the effects of acid rain on ancient ruins.