Juan Orjuela

A 2017 biology graduate, Juan helped establish the Pre-Veterinary Medicine Organization on campus, which helps students interested in veterinary medicine get internships and get involved in research.

Rachel Gremminger

Rachel Gremminger, a psychology and pre-med undergraduate, introduces us to the UWM Field Station.

Renee Spiewak

Renee is a physics major whose research on pulsars has taken her to locations around the world.

Molly Kessler

Molly Kessler, who was an English major at UWM and is now completing her Ph.D., talks about the project she was involved with studying bridal magazines when she was an undergraduate.

Tommy Yang

Tommy is an architecture and urban planning major at UWM. Here he talks about broadening his view of architecture by becoming involved in research about local communities.

Dylan Wilmeth

Dylan was a geosciences major at UWM who was fascinated with prehistoric life. He got involved with research as a freshman and is currently pursuing his Ph.D. in California.

Brady Moe

Brady, a computer engineering major, became involved in programming a drone to track sturgeon during their spawning.

Anwar Floyd-Pruitt

Anwar completed a bachelor’s degree at Harvard in psychology, and then decided to follow his passion for visual art at UWM. Here he talks about the work he is making.

Amy Donahue

Amy, a biology major, talks about her motivations behind her commitments to research and why she returned to school.

Praveen Ghosh

Praveen is a biochemistry major at UWM. Here he discusses the techniques he uses to study proteins in tissues.