Photograph by Elora Hennesey

The Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP) connects first- and second-year students who are seeking research experiences with faculty-led research projects. The program began in 2000 and focuses on lower-division students because it can be a particular challenge for these students to take the first steps to connect to faculty researchers, but students who start this endeavor early often have the best outcomes. Students register for a small 1-credit seminar and work with Office of Undergraduate Research Programs Coordinator, Jessica Schuld, to learn about the culture of university research while also taking the necessary steps to make the most of a research experience.

To hear more about the seminar from the student perspective you can watch the video by Klaudia. There is also a copy of the most recent Syllabus attached below.

Fall 2023 course will be held on Tuesdays from 3:30-4:20pm in person in Bolton Hall 192 and will also be offered as an online, asynchronous option.

To get enrolled, contact Jessica Schuld directly:

Fall 2023 UROP Seminar Syllabus – In Person (PDF)