Dyanna Czeck holds up her award surrounded by Vice Provost of Research Kris OConner, Chancellor Mone and her two undergraduate nominators.

Congratulations Dr. Dyanna Czeck, winner of the 2024 Research Mentor of the Year Award and Julia Harris, winner of the inaugural Graduate Student Mentor of the Year Award!

Past winners have included:

2024: Dyanna Czeck (Geosciences)
2023: Shannon Freire (Anthropology)
2022: Nathaniel Stern (Art & Design)
2021: Dong-Feng Deng (Freshwater Sciences)
2020: Dawn Erb (Physics)
2019: Jennifer Gutzman (Biological Sciences)
2018: Karyn Frick (Psychology)
2017: Arijit Sen (Architecture and Urban Planning)
2016: Douglas Steeber (Biological Sciences)
2015: Gabriella Pinter (Mathematics)
2014: Henry Tomasiewicz (Freshwater Sciences)
2013: J. Rudi Strickler (Biological Sciences)