At the UWM College of Nursing, much of our research is focused on achieving health equity to attain local to global community health from Milwaukee to Malawi.

Our researchers have expertise in:

  • Structural-level interventions that address poverty, gender-based violence, and other structural factors that place individuals at elevated risk for HIV infection in sub-Saharan Africa
  • Maternal, reproductive and child health
  • Gender-based violence and women’s empowerment
  • Women’s health in low-income communities in Milwaukee and in the South East Africa region
  • Examining and addressing social, economical, and political determinants of health on a global level, with a major focus on East Africa, Southern Africa, and Southeast Asia
  • Social determinants of health among vulnerable populations
    • Food Security
    • Housing
    • Environmental health
  • Cultural competency/cultural humility education
  • Theory development for provision of care in low-income countries
  • Transcultural care
  • Rural and urban comparative research
  • Health of Latinx and Caribbean populations
  • International nursing
  • Participation of minorities and women in research
  • Peacebuilding and community health

Our researchers have extensive experience in qualitative research, population health assessments, and evaluation methods, and seek to improve health outcomes for vulnerable populations. Results of this research have appeared in many different health journals over the years.

Local to Global Community Health Researchers

Anne Dressel
  • Assistant Professor
  • Director, Center for Global Health Equity
Tim Ehlinger
  • William Collins Kohler Chair in Systems Change and Peacebuilding
  • Associate Professor
Julie Ellis
  • Associate Professor
Kaboni Gondwe
  • Assistant Professor
Joshua Gwon
  • Assistant Professor
Jeana Holt
  • Assistant Professor
Jennifer Kibicho
  • Associate Professor
Carol Klingbeil
  • DNP Program Director/Clinical Associate Professor
Lynne Woerhle
  • Associate Professor and MSP Program Director