Research collaboration is key to advancing nursing science. Research groups, focused across the patient lifespan, at the School, work alongside students to achieve success locally and globally

Our professors are committed to quality graduate and undergraduate education in an array of research-intensive, career-building programs. Students learn from the top scholars in their field, partnering with health care and community organizations, and even contribute to the research.

Acute and Critical Care research at UWM School of Nursing focuses on improving patient and family outcomes for those with illness and/or trauma within various health care settings.
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Geriatric Health research at UWM School of Nursing specializes in research from early older adults to the frail and vulnerable who reside in various settings from community-dwelling to long-term care facilities.
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Health Care Delivery and Development research at UWM engages implementation sciences with the goal to develop thought-provoking research and scholarship.
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Local to Global Health at UWM offers many opportunities in research, practice and education that places priority on achieving health equity across the world, from Milwaukee to Malawi.
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The Maternal Infant Outcomes research group aims to improve maternal and infant health outcomes for happy healthy families through interdisciplinary science with the goal to apply research, clinical expertise, and technology to benefit healthcare providers to improve care for families in the region.
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Self-management science at UWM School of Nursing focuses on the process by which individuals and families use knowledge and beliefs, self-regulation skills and abilities, and social facilitation to achieve health-related outcomes
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