Faculty research engages in the implementation sciences with the goal to develop thought-provoking research and scholarship in the areas of Health Care Delivery and Development.

Faculty research emphasizes the discovery of new knowledge, evidence and implementation of interventions to optimize patient, family, community, and health system outcomes.

Students learn through courses and associated projects and the engagement in clinical projects while extending their growth thru the implementation of studies at clinical sites, collaborating with communities and neighborhoods, as well as the development and utilization of new technologies. Research focuses on the development and evaluation of practice models that contribute to optimum patient and family outcomes in a changing healthcare environment.

This focal area includes the following topics:


Policy development, analyses, and implementation at multiple levels, including State, National as well as clinical, and systems related policies.


The development, use, and evaluation of healthcare (big) data, technology, predictive analytics creating new insights into the sciences.

  • Perioperative 25 Hospital Network using EHR data, demonstrating significant quality improvements. (Talsma)


We all want safe care and optimum outcomes; science leads to way understanding contributing factors.

  • Missed Nursing Care & Outcomes (Talsma)
  • Infant safety and air mattresses (Doering)

A challenging problem other industries seem to solve, alright… nursing leads this important charge, driven by research.

  • Qualitative (Focus Group) Explore and understand nursing leader perceptions and utilization of quality reporting (Talsma)
  • DNP Student UWM-AHC Partnership Evaluation (Talsma/Kako)
  • AAN Quality Expert Panel (Talsma)

New ideas happen all of the time! Let’s test and apply them to better our profession and health outcomes.


No progress without strong leaders in practice settings, board rooms, startups and corporations. Learn to lead.

  • MNRS Board (Elected position) (Doering)

Health Care Delivery and Development Researchers

Joshua Gwon
  • Associate Professor
  • Adjunct Faculty, CTSI, Medical College of Wisconsin
Hyunkyoung Oh
  • Assistant Professor
AkkeNeel Talsma
  • Associate Professor